Psychiatric Medications

Potential Restrictions on Psychiatric Medications

Links to various resources describing state and federal policies that may restrict access to psychiatric medications through Medicaid and Medicare. 

CATIE (Clinical Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention Effectiveness )Trial-Related

CATIE Phase I Findings

From the New England Journal of Medicine, 2005 - overview of major "phase I" findings and links to editorials

CATIE - Phase II Findings

A synopsis of phase II findings, from April 2006, with links to questions and answers about how to interpret them

CATIE Cost Effectiveness Study

Press release from the NIMH describing the cost-effectiveness study from the CATIE trail (published 12/06) which suggests that first generation antipsychotics may still have an important role in treating schizophrenia

NIMH Perspective on results of CATIE cost effectiveness publication

Cautions not to over interpret the cost-effectiveness data towards limiting treatment options, and that more choices are needed in the treatment of schizophrenia


Medication Algorithms

MedMap:  Medication Management Approaches in Psychiatry

Information about the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) specifically involving the systematic use of medications as a part of the treatment for schizophrenia.

Texas Medication Algorithm Project

Lots of information here about the largest and most influential medication algorithm project to date.   Includes the the actual algorithms and manuals for schizophrenia, major depression and bipolar disorder.  Also links to useful patient and family educational materials. 

Psychopharmacology Algorithm Project

From one of the Harvard-affiliated psychiatric residency programs, a variety of resources on using medication algorithms. Several interesting aspects here, including a recent compilation of all of the published medication algorithms for mental illnesses. 

Shared Medical Appointments

Presentation: Group Medical Appointments

A power point presentation on this topic, from one of the original "gurus" of the group medical appointment model.  (ppt)

Group Medical Visits in Endocrinology

A very useful presentation from another of the "guru's" in this area, presenting the essentials, as well as some consumer satisfaction data.  (ppt.)

DIGMA's for urological patients

An abstract showing that a drop in group medical appointments (DIGMA) model has been successfully used in patients with urological problems, despite the "sensitive" nature of the issues discussed. 

General Psychopharmacology Links

Internet Mental Health

Click on the "medications" section on the left hand column; this will allow you to choose from virtually all the psychoactive medications that are available and get clinical as well as research information on them.  A very useful site for consumers as well as providers.

Clinical Psychopharmacology Seminar

A very extensive review of the academic literature regarding all different classes of psychoactive meds - targeted to health professionals.

FDA Approved Medications for Psychiatric Disorders

A good reference including FDA indications and initial approval dates

Questions and Answers about the CATIE study

From the NIMH; issues about this unique study - prior to release of 1st published results in late September 2005

Practice Guidelines

Practice Guidelines for Schizophrenia - APA

A very extensive document (120pages) from the American Psychiatric Association targeted to psychiatrists.  Recently updated (2004)

"Quick Reference Guide" for treating schizophrenia - APA

A brief synthesis of the above, including a crude algorithm - targeted to clinicians. 

Practice Guidelines from the APA

The index page for all of the guidelines developed by the American Psychiatric Association, as well as Quick Reference Guides.  Mainly targeted to clinicians, but also has some information developed for patients and families.