Interest Groups for Programs Funded by Iowa's Performance Partnership Block Grant

Interest Groups:  Themes and Assignments

The purpose of the interest groups is to bring together individuals who are working in similar types of programs, so as to promote peer-to-peer learning and support, identification of common program development and educational needs, and efficient use of resources to meet these needs. 

For more information on the background, purpose and expectations for participation in these interest groups, see:  Letter from DHS regarding interest groups


Meeting Dates, Times and Locations:

The interest groups will be held concurrently as follows:

To be decided.

On each day, the groups will begin at 9:00 am and end at 4:30pm.  Lunch will be provided. 

Individuals should attend the group they are assigned to, but may attend another group if applicable and if the schedule allows (e.g., a CMHC director might want to attend both a child and adult interest group if he/she is involved in both programs).