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Recent Presentations (by Michael Flaum unless otherwise indicated)


Motivational Interviewing to Enhance Employment Outcomes for Adults with Mental Illness

June 7, 2011

Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa, IA

Morning session: 

Part 1:  Michael Flaum:  Employment and Recovery

Part 2:  Michael Flaum:  Principles and Evidence Base for Supported Employment and Outcomes

Afternoon Session:  Diana Beckley: Using Motivational Interviewing Techniques in the Employment Process

Enhancing our Resposne to Behavioral Health Crisis

October, 2010

This updates our current thinking and proposal to build capacity in psychiatric emergency services at the University of Iowa specifically, and to enhance collaboration with community partners. 

Approaches to Co-occuring mental health and substance use disorder:  An introduction to the basics

September, 2010

This is an update of a talk initially presented at the "Appraches to Co-occurring disorders" conference in 2009 (see below).  This updated presentation has audio/video as well as the powerpoint slides. 

Employment and Recovery in Mental Health

August, 201

This presentation was part of the Iowa Empowerment Conference in Des Moines. It covers the core principles of evidence-based supported employment. 

Enhancing Behavioral Health Crisis Response

July, 2010

This presentation has been developed in collaboration with community partners and those within the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clincs.

Rethinking our Response to Behavioral Health Crisis Management

Johnson County DHS

Johnson County Suicide Prevention Group

March 1, 2010

The Concept of "Recovery" in Mental Health Today:  What does it mean, and how can it be applied?

Broadlawns Hospital

Des Moines, IA

Jan 14, 2010

"The footbone's connected to the shinbone, and the shinbone's connected to the..."

Presentation to MHI task force

Urbandale Public Library

Nov. 9, 2009

Presentation to Legislative Task Force

State Capitol, Des Moines, IA

Oct, 21, 2009

Motivational Interviewing as a Foundation for Recovery-Oriented, Co-occurring-Capable, Culturally-Competent (insert your preferred buzzwords du jour here) Care

University of Iowa Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Oct 20, 2009

Creating a Consensus Mental Health and Disabilities Plan for the State of Iowa: What, Why, and How?

Presented at Iowa Mental Health Conference, Ames Iowa

Oct 6, 2009

Approaches to Co-Occurring Disorders - 2009

Full day conference sponsored by University of Iowa Learning and Development;  University Athletic Club, Iowa City, IA

September 29, 2009

The Debacle of Deinstitutionalization: History and Politics of Community Mental Health Centers

Presented by Christopher Welsh, MD; University of Iowa Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Nov 25, 2008

Using the COMPASS:  An Example

Presented at Co-occurring disorders meeting, Urbandale Iowa Nov 13, 2008

Movement Towards Integrated Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

Presentation to UIHC psychiatry outpatient clinics, Sep 3, 2008

Overview of the Statewide and County Mental Health System in Iowa

Presented at the Iowa Peer Support Training Academy, Des Moines, July 17, 2008

Resources for Co-Occurring Disorders

Presented at "Toolbox Training", Des Moines,  Nov 15, 2007

Enhancing Iowa's Behavioral Health Workforce

Presentation to the Iowa MH/MR/DD/BI Commission, Des Moines, June 21, 2007

Update on Evidence-Based Practices in Iowa's Public Mental Health System

Presentation to the Iowa MH/MR/DD/BI Commission, Des Moines, May 17, 2007

What Have the Data Told Us?

Spring 2007 Biannual Evidence-Based Practices Interest Groups, Des Moines, Iowa, March 14, 2007 (morning general session)

Core Principles of Supported Employment

Spring 2007 Biannual Evidence-Based Practices Interest Groups, Des Moines, Iowa, March 14, 2007 (afternoon general session)

Mandating Statewide Outcomes Reporting in Community Mental Health Settings:  Balancing Burden and Benefit

NASMHPD Research Institute 17th Annual Meeting, Washington DC, Feb 14, 2007

Implementing a Mandate for Evidence-Based Practices in Iowa:  A View from the Frontlines

Dartmouth Dept. of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Hanover, New Hampshire; Jan 23, 2007

"Evidence-Based Practices and Recovery:  Are They Compatible?"

NAMI Iowa Annual Meeting; Des Moines, IA; Nov 30, 2006

"How Far Has Iowa Come, How Far to Go?"

Iowa Mental Health Conference, Ames, IA; Oct 11, 2006

"Olmstead on the Homestead:  Progress on matching needs and services for Iowans with mental illness"

University of Iowa Dept. of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Iowa City, IA, Sep 26, 2006

"Recovery Efforts in Iowa"

"Mental Health Recovery:  Research and Practice"; Coralville, IA; Sep 19, 2006

Other materials from this conference

"A Primer on Psychotropic Medications"

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services Conference; Des Moines, IA;  Sep 18, 2006

"Changing Paradigms of Mental Illness: Who are we Treating and What is the Message?"

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services Conference; Des Moines, IA; Sep 18, 2006

"Iowa's Mental Health System?"

Consumer Empowerment Conference:  Marshalltown, IA; Aug 23, 2006

"An Evidence-Based Approach to Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia"

American Association of Clinical Psychiatrists Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA; March 31, 2006

"Responding to a Mandate for Evidence Based Practice at the State and Street Levels:  The Iowa Experience"

NASMHPD Research Institute 16th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland; Feb 13, 2006

"How Did We Get Here, and Where Are We Supposed to Go?

Johnson County MHDD Commission Annual Retreat; Iowa City, IA, Jan. 17, 2006

Older Presentations of Interest

"Evidence-Based Practices:  Ready or Not, Here They Come"

This 7 part series, presented via the Iowa Communications Network in the fall of 2004 introduced the concept of evidence-based practices and provided an overview of 6 evidence-based practices for adults with serious mental illness. 


Initially presented at the American Telemedicine Assoication, Los Angeles, CA, June 5, 2002;  Summarizes our satisfaction data in two Iowa studies. 

From Street to Cells and Back Again:  Addressing the Problems of the Mentally Ill Offender

This is a representative presentation from a series of regional forums that were held around the state in 2002.  This provides the overview of the issues discussed. 













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