About Us

Director:  Michael Flaum, MD   michael-flaum@uiowa.edu

Director of Child Affairs: Beth Troutman, PhD beth-troutman@uiowa.edu


The Iowa Consortium for Mental Health (ICMH) was founded in 1994, through a partnership between the Iowa Department of Human Services and the University of Iowa Department of Psychiatry. It was initially directed by Dr. Barbara Rohland, and modeled after the Iowa Consortium for Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation which had been founded 3 years previously. Dr. Flaum took over directorship of the ICMH in 1999. 


The overall goal of the ICMH has been to serve as a liaison between the state, primarily DHS, and the University of Iowa in terms of harnessing academic resources to address priority needs of the public mental health system in Iowa.  Funding for the ICMH has been primarily via state funds, mostly through the Department of Human Services, as well as from the Iowa Deparment of Public Health, Magellan Behavioral Health and the Iowa Department of Corrections.  Additional funding is through the National Institute for Mental Health.