Supported Employment

General Resources

SAMSHA Toolkit on Implementing Evidence-Based Supported Employment

This site allows for the free download of good implementation materials

Supported Employment Model:  Core Principles and Evidence Basis

This is a powerpoint presentation which summarizes the basic tenets of the supported employment model, and the studies which demonstrate its effectivenss

Iowa Association for Persons in Supported Employment (Iowa APSE)

Dartmouth IPS Supported Employment Center

Lots of great resources here.

Training Opportunities

Supported Competitive Employment for Individuals with Mental Illness:  On line Course

This is a highly recommended on-line training program through Virginia Commonwealth University which leads to a "National Certificate in Employment Services".  It takes on average 40 hours to complete, and is offered on an ongoing rotating basis over periods of about 6 weeks. 

Online IPS Supported Employment Training Course

This is offered throught the Dartmouth IPS Supported Employment Center. 


The Iowa Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (Iowa WIPA) initiative is designed to support all Iowa Social Security Administration (SSA) beneficiaries in pursuing their career objectives and effectively manage their benefits and applicable work incentives at the same time.  They provide a variety of trainings on benefits counseling to providers and clients. 

Employment Network Fact Sheet

What is an employment network?

Does it make sense for your agency to become one?

Iowa employment events sponsored by IME Medicaid Infrastructure Grant