Outcomes Tools and Systems

Iowa Consumer Outcomes Measurements System (ICOMS)

A web-based outcomes system, created by Telesage (see below) for assessing consumer outcomes in Iowa.  The recommended implementation timeline for Iowa CMHC's receiving mental health block grant funding is shown here.

NOMs -National Outcome Measures

SAMHSA's ongoing attempt provide a unified set of outcome domains across populations and states.

SAMHSA Data Strategy FY 2007-2011

The current strategic plan for trying to improve the collection, organization and utilization of behavioral health data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Consumer Health Inventory (CHI)

This is a consumer outcomes and satisfaction tool being used by Magellan Health Services

Ohio Department of Mental Health - Outcomes

Ohio has been working for over 10 years on their outcomes systems, which is probably the most well developed such system in the country at this point - lots of resources and "lessons learned" to be found here. 


Started by a psychiatrist interested in consumer-centered mental health outcomes, this company now develops survey methodology for a variety of applications, but a primary interest continues to be in mental health outcomes. 


Child and Adolescent Outcome Measures


Child Consumer Outcome Measures for Discretionary Programs - Caregiver Respondent Version

Consumer Health Inventory - Child Version (CHI-C)

A psychosocial assessment tool for children currently being used by Magellan Health Service