Mental Health Workforce Issues

Iowa Specific Mental Health Workforce Issues

Newspaper Article on Psychiatric Workforce Shortage in Iowa 4/17/11

Iowa Department of Public Health Mental Health Workforce Report

This comprehensive report, completed in 2006, details the locations, ages, and trends of a wide variety of mental health professionals throughout the state.  Of concern, is that for most of the categories of providers, those aging out of the system are not being adequately replaced. 

Task Force on the Iowa Physician Workforce

This report, released in May 2007, provides up-to-date information on all physicians in Iowa and calculates a "critical demand ratio" for each specialty - which quantifies the need vs. availability of each medical sub-specialty.  Psychiatry and Neurology are by far the two areas with high"critical demand ratios". 

IMS Task Force on Iowa's Health Infrastructure

This is a report from the Iowa Medical Society released in April 2008 that provides further information and recommendations regarding the physician workforce in Iowa. 

Data on the Shortage of Psychiatrists in Iowa

Specific information on the availability and need for psychiatrists in Iowa; these are the same data used in the report above. 

Enhancing Iowa's Psychiatric Workforce

A powerpoint presentation which includes data on Iowa's psychiatric workforce and some strategies to enhance this.

National Workforce Resources

2009 State Physician Workforce Data Book

Prepared and updated by the Association of American Medical Colleges, this provides a variety of data on physicians by state.(this is a big document - takes a while to download)

Health Workforce Information Center

A new resource that provides a lot of very useful information on a vareity of healthcare workforce issues, both nationally and state by state.  Not specific to mental health, but includes mental health. 

Annapolis Coalition Report on Mental Health Workforce

This is a link to the Annapolis Coalition site - they have done a major report on mental health workforce development, that is a model for states to follow. The executive summary of that report is here

and the full report (>300pages) is here