Approaches to Co-Occurring Disorders - 2009

Program / Agenda


Issues, Prevalence, Research and Treatment Implications (session I)

Micahel Flaum, MD

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (session II)

Fonda Frazeir MA, ACADC, MINT and Michael Flaum, MD

Accessing Substance Abuse Treatment in Iowa (session III)

Panel Discussion:  D. Lowell Yoder MSW, LISW, ACADC, ACSW, Steven R. Estes, BS, MPA, Fonda Frazier MA, ACADC

The Impact of Diversity in the Assessment and Engagement of Co-Occurring Clients (Session IV)

Angeles Morcuende, MD

Key Resources:

SAMSHA Co-Occurring Center of Excellence

Overview Papers

No 1:  Definitions and terms relating to COD

No 2:  Screening, assessment and treatment planning for persons with COD

No 3:  Overarching principles to address the needs of persons with COD

No 4:  Addressing COD in non-traditional service settings

No 5:  Understanding evidence-based practices for COD

No 6:  Services Integration for persons with COD

No 7:  Systems integration relative to COD

No 8:  The epidemiology of COD

Motivational Interviewing

This is the main portal to resources on Motviational Interviewin, including training, bibliographies, etc.