Food and Nutrition Services                           MENU

 The Children's Cafe

     Friday-6B   Open 7:00am-7:00pm


Breakfast Served 7-9:30am





Hot Food:



Baked Goods:


Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit






Scrambled Eggs



Cinnamon Roll


Bacon or Sausage



Asst. Scones


Hash Brown






Breakfast Taco




Breakfast Pizza $3.05


Bruegger's Bagels


Build Your Own Omelet Bar $5.75  

Berry Perfect Parfait



Breakfast Potatoes




Lunch: 11am-2pm



Dinner: 4pm-7pm



Chef Special: Lunch Only



Grill: Lunch and Dinner



Chicken Strips $3.95   Fish Filet Sandwich (with Cheese- $3.55) $3.25
  Mac and Cheese $2.75   Chicken Strips $3.95
  Sidewinder Fries $2.75  

Grilled Cheese Sandwich


  Garlic Mashed Potatoes $1.35      
  Gravy $0.75  



  Pizza: Lunch Only    







Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich




$3.05   Black Bean/Veggie Burger $3.85


Cheesy, or Garlic Cheese Breadsticks $2.35


Hot Dog $1.00

Now featuring a Cauliflower Crust Option: Pepperoni $3.05   French Fries $2.75

      Jalapeno Poppers $3.00
  Soup: Lunch and Dinner    

Dinner Special: Dinner Only (Served at the Pizza Station)


  White Chicken Chili $2.25/$3.50   Grab and Go Mac and Cheese $2.75
  Salads: Lunch and Dinner        


Assorted Gourmet Salad Bowls $4.75   Pizza: Dinner Only  


Balsamic Black Bean Salad



7 inch Pizza: Cheese or Pepperoni


  Mixed Greens Salad Bowl $2.50      
  Salad Bar $7.20 lb.


Deli: Lunch and Dinner




Toasted Barbeque Chicken Sandwich



Mediterranean Sandwich




  Desserts: Lunch and Dinner        
  Assorted Treats