Food and Nutrition Services                           MENU

IRL Cafe

Tuesday - 3B   Open 7:00am-2:00pm






  Grab and Go Items



Bacon, Egg and Cheese Croissant



Assorted Chips



Assorted Scones


Fresh Cut Melon/Pineapple



Sweet Street Breakfast Bread


Cottage Cheese



Wrapped Blueberry Muffin



Berry and Yogurt Parfait



Assorted Cereal Cups


  Uncrustable PB Sandwich $1.35
        Grape and Cheese Cups $2.95
        Oasis Hummus Pack $4.25








Garden Tomato Basil


  Mixed Greens Salad Bowl $2.50

Chicken Noodle


  Assorted Gourmet Salad Bowl $4.50
  Hot Entree:     Tuna Salad $2.05


Walking Taco


  Toasted Sandwich:     Gourmet Triple Chocolate Cookie $2.75
  Toasted Turkey Pesto Sandwich $5.10   Gourmet Reese's PB Cookie $2.75
  Chicken, Artichoke and Sunflower Melt $5.10   Chocolate Mousse $2.25
  Flatbread Pizza:     Assorted Wrapped Bars $1.45
  Pepperoni $3.95