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CURB-65 severity score

Method:  Score 1 point for each of following features that are present:

Confusion (mental test score ≤8 new disorientation in person, place or time)

BUN > 20 mg/dL

Respiratory rate ≥30 breaths/min

Blood pressure (systolic <90 mm Hg, or diastolic ≤60 mm Hg)

Age ≥65 years


Interpretation of CURB-65 score:

0-1: Probably suitable for home treatment; low risk of death
2: Consider hospital supervised treatment
≥3: Manage in hospital as severe pneumonia; high risk of death

Lim WS, van der Eerden MM, Laing R, Boersma WG, Karalus N, Town GI, et al. Defining community acquired pneumonia severity on presentation to hospital: an international derivation and validation study. Thorax 2003;58:377-82