The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Flow Cytometry Facility

Disaggregation of Clumps
      using Pluronic F-68

The following suggestion is from Steven Z. Merlin, Columbia University.

"For cell anti-aggregation reagents, try Pluronic F-68 non-toxic, non-ionic surfactant. It is commonly used in bio-fermenters and I have found it to keep various concentrated samples of primary cells and cell lines from forming aggregates during very long sorts. Also works very well for hepatocytes, IEL's, CHO, fibroblasts, and many other cell types having a propensity to form aggregates. It also works well for analyzing and sorting mixed phytoplankton strains from sea water."

"Pluronic is sold by Invitrogen (catalog number 24040-032) as a 10% stock solution in a 100mL bottle. Add to your sample to make a final concentration of 1% vol/vol."