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Flow Cytometry Facility

New User Information

Step by Step Outline for Using the Facility

  1. Instruments must be reserved using the online reservation system before analyzing or sorting samples (the Scheduling link is located on the left-hand side of this page).
  2. A Flow Cytometry Facility account is necessary in order to use the reservaton system.
  3. An active MKF is necessary in order to get a Flow Cytometry account.
  4. A principal investigator account must be established first before other lab personnel accounts can be created (lab personnel are assigned to the principal investigator's account).
  5. See the links in the next sections of the this page to request an account (separate links are provided for principal investigators versus lab personnel)
  6. Once you have an account established, you can reserve instrument time at your convenience (the Scheduling link is located on the left-hand side of this page).
  7. Directions for using the reservation system are located on the home page of the reservation system once you login.
  8. A Staff Assistance pull-down menu located on the calendar page of the reservation system allows you to request help with your experiments.
  9. Heath Vignes's and Michael Sheys's schedules are dedicated to operating the cell sorters, therefore Justin Fishbaugh is the only person listed on the Staff Assistance pull-down menu.
  10. Justin's schedule is open for assistance from 9:00-11:30am and 2:30-5:00pm M-F.
  11. The reservation system will indicate whether Justin is available once you submit a request on the calendar page. If you have difficulty finding a time that Justin is available, please contact him by email or phone (see Contact Information link on left-hand side of this page).
  12. Contacting Justin for assistance is only necessary if you have difficulty finding available time. (You are welcome to reserve instrument time with Justin's assistance at your convenience.)
  13. Information about cell concentration, total cell number, sample volume, and other detail important for analyzing or sorting can be found at the Sample Prep Information link on left-hand side of this page.
  14. If you plan to use one of the cell sorters to isolate potentially biohazardous samples (virally transformed cells, primary human tissue, or animals exposed to infectious agents), please read the Facility's policy regarding these samples. (the Policies link is located on the left-hand side of this page).

Reservation System Access Request for non-Principal Investigators

If you are a research assistant, undergraduate student, graduate student, resident, or fellow in a principal investigator's lab requesting a Flow Cytometry account or online reservation access, please see the information at the following link. (New principal investigators setting up an account for the first time, please go to the next section on this page.)

New Principal Investigator Account Request

If you are a new Principal Investigator wishing to set up an account with the Facility , please fill out and submit the form at the following link.

Invoice For Services

The Facility can automatically generate monthly invoices that are sent via email to designated persons. Invoices covering other ranges of time can also be generated on request. If you require automatic monthly invoices, please send your request and a designated recipient with their email address to

After-Hours Access

Investigators that are able to operate bench-top flow cytometers independently of Facililty staff can request after-hours Facility access to,, or Prior training must be evident to Facility staff in order to gain after-hours access. Access privileges are usually granted within the same day as the request (unless the request is made late in the day). A temporary access card is availabe at the Facility for immediate after-hours access.

The Flow Cytometry Facility has provided the following links with the goal of helping new users prepare their samples.

Please watch the following animated tutorials about basic flow cytometry concepts.

  • Introduction to Flow Cytometry (12 minutes)
    Presented by Invitrogen
  • Data Analysis for Flow Cytometry  (17 minutes)
    Presented by Invitrogen
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