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BioRad BioPlex

BioRad BioPlex

The BioRad Bio-Plex (Luminex 200) will significantly reduce time and labor for quantitative bioassays. Among its many applications, the Bio-Rad Bioplex (Luminex 200) multiplexing system allows investigators to:

  • Perform up to 100 ELISA like assays simultaneously using only 12ul of serum.
  • Analyze 86 samples plus 10 standards and controls in approximately 1 hour.
  • Quantitatively assay cytokines (ELISA), cellular signaling proteins (Western), and gene expression.
  • Useful for investigations that involve the study of protein expression, genomics, or immunodiagnostics.

Example assays with descriptions:

Cytokine assays are multiplexable bead assays that simultaneously quantitate human, mouse, or rat cytokines in diverse matrices, including cell culture supernatants, serum, or plasma. The Bio-Plex allows profiling up to 27 human, 23 mouse, or 9 rat cytokines in a single 12 Ál serum sample.

Phosphoprotein assays are bead-based multiplexable assays that directly detect phosphorylated proteins in lysates derived from cell culture or tissue samples. Using 96-well filter-plate format assays, it is possible to profile the specific phosphorylation state of multiple proteins with as little as 25 Ál of lysate.

A cytokine kit and analyte finder is available at the Luminex website.

A list of research and applied market partners is available at the Luminex website.

For more information, please contact the Flow Cytometry Facility or visit the Luminex website at