CIgW Committee

The original nomenclature committee of the VIC was a loosely organized group of investigators all actively involved in the characterization of Igs from animals of veterinary importance. In 2000 it was expanded to include workers in comparative immunology resulting in >30 participants at the VIC-associated meeting in Uppsala. In 2004, the meeting in Quebec was a milestone since it included representatives of funding agencies that were made aware of the dependence of good science on good reagents.

Over the years the committee has experimented with establishing by-laws and rules for membership. This information is provided and more detail is available by contacting the Committee Chairperson. The committee has also attempted to establish a protocol for leadership transfer. At the current writing the committee listed below is officially in place, but invitations to a number of leading investigators to replace those who are leaving are ongoing. The term of the current chairperson ends in 2010. The general consensus has been that an investigator serves a 3 year terms as co-chairman followed by a three year term as chairperson, pending affirmation by the committee.

The last meeting of the CIgW committee occurred in Prague in 2009 as an adjunct of the 11th International Meeting of the Society of Developmental and Comparative Immunology (ISDCI). A report of that meeting will be added when it becomes available.

The next meeting should occur in conjunction with the 9th International Veterinary Immunology Symposium (IVIS). Specific plans are not yet available.