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Robert Powell, M.D.


(50MD, 54R-Psychiatry)

What is your hometown?

Mason City, IA

What is your official title?

Retired M.D.

How/when did you become interested in science and medicine?

During grade school I was interested in science and medical matters.

Please highlight your major career achievements, awards, discoveries, etc.

Receiving my M.D. and building my private practice. I was also the Community Mental Health Center Director.

Is there a teacher, mentor or UI Carver College of Medicine faculty member who has helped shape your education?

My mentor was Dr. Huston at the Psychopathic Hospital in the 50's.

How or why did you choose the University of Iowa for your education and medical training?

I am a native Iowan.

Please describe your professional interests.

I am interested in Psychiatric research.

What are some of your outside interests?

At this stage in life I like to volunteer.

Do you have an insight or philosophy that guides you in your professional work?

First – do no harm.

If you could change one thing about the health care system in the United States, what would it be?

I would change universal health care.

What are the biggest changes you've experienced in medicine since you were a student?

I would say the biggest changes are Medicare or drugs.

What advice would you give to today's medical students?

To the pre-meds – get a truly liberal arts background; to the medical students – pay attention to your psychiatry classes as you will see psychological aspects in all your patients.

What do you see as "the future" of medicine?

I sincerely hope we will develop the "medical home" approach and get away from "piece work." Physicians are probably overpaid if we look at other countries (that's easy for me to say in retirement).


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