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Next Steps

If you are interested in utilizing the HOST program the first thing to do is complete the Student Registration Form and give us the details of when and where you'll be traveling, your contact information and any other information that might be helpful when finding a host for you.

Our office will then contact alumni in that area and try to find an available host during your visit. Contacting busy physicians sometimes takes a bit of time so be patient with us in finding a host and it is also helpful if you give us as much lead time as you can to find a host. We will do our best to match you with someone who is in the same specialty you are interviewing in, if available.

Once a host is identified, we will share their contact information with you. It is then up to you to promptly give your host a call to share the details of your travel and interview plans and arrange your stay.

After you return from your interview, you need to send a thank you note to the alumnus who hosted your stay expressing your gratitude for their generosity. Giving your host a thank you gift while you are visiting is also allowed.


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