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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I use the HOST program?

We ask that you limit the use of the program to five requests so that we are able to accommodate as many students as possible. If you do have more than five requests, please submit the all and we will work with you to try to accommodate, but will do so with other students in mind.

Is my spouse able to stay with me?

Many hosts welcome spouses. Please note on the registration form that you will be traveling with your spouse.

Can I stay with a host for more than one day?

Absolutely! We have had some alumni host students for a week while the student completed several interviews in the region. Other alumni have hosted students for three days just so the student could get a better travel rate on a Saturday stay over flight. We will work with our alumni volunteers to best suit your travel needs.

Who are the HOST volunteers?

All hosts are UI alumni - they have attended the UI Carver College of Medicine for their undergraduate and/or graduate medical education, associated medical sciences or graduate basic sciences.

Where are HOSTs available?

We have coordinated hosts from virtually every state in the country. There are 21,000 UI Carver College of Medicine alumni throughout the country - so there are potential hosts anywhere you want to travel. To find a host in your area of interest, please call our office at 335-8085.

What can I expect from the host?

We simply ask the alumni hosts to provide overnight accommodations in their home for you. Although many hosts go above and beyond by offering transportation to and from interviews and airports, home cooked meals, guided tours of the area and invaluable professional insight on the regional medical community and your prospective medical center. Every HOST experience will be different and you will benefit every time you use the program.

How do I sign up to utilize the HOST program?

Fill out the Student Registration Form to let us know when and where you will be traveling. We ask that you let us know about your travels as soon as possible so we can have time to contact and find a host for you. Two weeks advance notice is appreciated, but we understand that interviews change frequently and we will try to accommodate requests that do not have the two week advance notice.

Do I contact the alumni host?

After you have completed the on-line Student Registration Form, we will contact the alumni host and secure their interest and availability. We will then provide you with the alumnus' information. It is then up to you to promptly contact your host and share the details of your travel and interview plans and arrange your stay. We ask that you contact them as soon as we give you their information so they know that you are definitely staying with them. If plans change, you can always contact them again.

How far in advance should I contact my host?

Contact your host as soon as we give you their information. If you are matched early, contact your host right away and once again when it gets closer to the date of your travel. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

What do I do if my travel or interview plans change or get cancelled?

We understand that plans change – but it is very important to contact your host as soon as possible and let them know about the change in plans. Also, please inform the Office of Collegiate and Community Relations of the change as soon as you can. If you need to reschedule for that location, we would be happy to work with the volunteer to see if the date change works or look for another alumni volunteer if the new date should not work.

Do I need to do anything after returning from using the HOST program?

Yes, we ask that you send a thank you note to the alumnus who hosted your stay. You are also welcome to take a thank you gift to the alumni host when you are staying with them. Many students have given a bottle of wine, flowers, etc. to thank their alumni hosts.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the HOST program?

Please contact the Medicine Alumni Society at or at 319/335-8085.


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