Direct Care / Support Staff

The purpose of this website is to help direct care and support staff better understand how to manage problem behaviors and psychosis in people with dementia using evidence-based approaches. This includes an 8-hour Dementia and Challenging Behaviors training program. It also includes an IA-ADAPT program with a brief video lecture, quick reference guides, and information for families or patients on the risks and benefits of antipsychotic medications for people with dementia. Use the links on the right to access the available training and products described below.

This program is supported by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (R18 HS19355-01). It is sponsored by the University of Iowa College of Public Health, the Iowa Geriatric Education Center, and the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine. Planners and speakers involved with this program do not have any disclosures that create a conflict of interest.

Dementia and Challenging Behaviors Training Program

The Dementia and Challenging Behaviors training program was designed specifically for use by long-term care facilities to train their staff on how to better address the needs of persons with dementia. This intensive 8-hour program is presented in 8 units to allow learners to divide the training into smaller pieces that they can do in a limited amount of time. It has 2 audio presentations with slides and 6 interactive lessons with real-life stories. Each unit also includes printable handouts. Topics covered include:

  1. An introduction to Alzheimer's disease
  2. Person-centered care
  3. Agitation and resistance to care
  4. Wandering and elopement
  5. Intimacy and sexuality
  6. Fall prevention and restraint-free care
  7. Late-stage comfort care
  8. Residents' rights and dementia

A Certificate of Completion is available for the Dementia and Challenging Behaviors Program. To get a Certificate, you must complete all 8 units of the training program. Then you will complete a brief program evaluation and click on the "Submit" button. A screen will appear with your certificate information. Print this screen for your records – it is your Certificate of Completion.

To access this training, e-mail with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your facility’s name
  3. The number of staff you expect to train using this program (up to 15)

Please note: to be able to provide this training at no cost to dementia-specific care units nationwide, we are limiting each facility to a maximum of 15 training spots for their staff. That will allow you to determine which of your staff are the most appropriate for this training opportunity.

Brief Video Lectures

  1. Antipsychotic Use and Monitoring
  2. Regulatory Update

IA-ADAPT Products

Several products are available as part of the IA-ADAPT program. To access these products, click the “Register” link in the top right corner of the screen and follow the instructions to create your login.

Brief Video Lecture

  • Antipsychotic Use and Monitoring - this video is approximately 15 minutes long.

Pocket guides
  • Non-drug management
  • Antipsychotic guide for direct care providers
Managing a crisis
  • This document provides key information for providers to consider when managing a behavioral crisis
Information for families or patients
  • Shared Decision Making Guide: Antipsychotic Medicines for People with Dementia
    • This 4-page guide can be printed and given to a family considering the use of an antipsychotic for a person with dementia, or discussed with patients who have the capacity to understand and provide consent for antipsychotic use. It overviews the possible risks and benefits of antipsychotics. It is meant to be discussed with a healthcare provider to facilitate shared decision making on antipsychotic use. The guide incorporates health literacy principles to make it readable for most consumers.
Mobile App
  • The mobile app contains a set of Pocket Guides, included those listed above for direct care and support staff. It also contains others covering medical evaluation and antipsychotic prescribing. It can be installed on smartphones and tablets.

Technical Requirements

Using the Dementia and Challenging Behaviors training program requires a broadband Internet connection, sound capability, Adobe Flash Player to view the audio and slide presentations, and Adobe Reader to view and print the accompanying handouts.

Viewing the IA-ADAPT Antipsychotic Use and Monitoring video requires a broadband Internet connection, sound capability, and one of the following supported browsers, with JavaScript enabled:

  • Chrome 30+ or Firefox 30+ on Windows with Flash 16+
  • Internet Explorer 9 (or later) on Windows with Flash 16+
  • Firefox 30+ or Safari 6+ on Mac OSX with Flash 16+
  • iPad

Viewing and printing the products requires Adobe Reader.