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Clinical Consultants

This is a listing of Faculty who engage in pathology consultations.  Links are available to the faculty pages and include contact information, research interests, and brief biographies. 

Amani Bashir, MD

Gary Baumbach, MD

Andrew Bellizzi, MD

Aaron D. Bossler, MD, PhD

Leslie Bruch, MD

Laila Dahmoush, MD

Dennis Firchau, MD

Danniele Holanda, MD

Carol J. Holman, MD, PhD

Marina Ivanovic, MD

Chris Jensen, MD

Nitin J. Karandikar, MD, PhD

Patricia Kirby, MD

Deqin Ma, MD

Steven Moore, MD, PhD

Marcus Nashelsky, MD

Robert Robinson, MD, PhD

Nancy S. Rosenthal, MD

Megan Samuelson, MD