Iowa Art

Fred Easker, Black Farm

Velga Easker, Project Art's 25th Anniversary Paper Quilt

icon: Yanhuitlan
Joe Patrick, Yanhitlan

icon: Stoneware wallplatter tryptich
Bunny McBride, Untitled

icon: Set of 10 figures, Wood with acrylic and enamel paints
Wade Scherrer, Untitled

icon: Painting of Mexico
Joseph Patrick, Roadside: ¡Viva México!

icon: My Spanish Studio with Indian Prints #6
Howard Rogovin,
My Spanish Studio with Indian Prints #6

icon: Liminal Icon CXVI and Liminal Icon L
Hans Breder, Liminal Icon CXI, Liminal Icon L

icon: Bronze Column
Julius Schmidt, Untitled

icon: Greenhouse #1
Gretchen Caracas, Greenhouse #1