Glass Art

icon: Kreg Kallenberger, Cast Glass with Pigmented
Kreg Kallenberger, Serpent Ridge

icon: Jack A. Schmidt, Glass
Jack A. Schmidt, Precious Stone #17

icon: Laura Donafer, Blown Glass and Fiber Mixed Media
Laura Donafer, Turquoise Witch Pot

icon: Dale Chihuly, Blown Glass Sculpture in White
Dale Chihuly, Untitled

icon: Dick Huss, Sandblasted Glass
Dick Huss, Untitled

icon: Kreg Kallenberger, Cast Glass
Kreg Kallenberger, Luffing Up

icon: Steven I. Weinberg, Cast Glass
Steven I. Weinberg, Untitled

icon: David Levi, Handblown Glass
David Levi, IBEX Blue Bowl

icon: Emily Brock, Fused and Shaped Glass
Emily Brock, "Gone Fishing" The Bait Shop

icon: Sonja Blomdahl, Handblown Glass
Sonja Blomdahl, Untitled

icon: Toots Zynsky, Glass
Toots Zynsky, Never Ending Chaos

icon: John Littleton and Kate Vogel, Handblown Glass
John Littleton and Kate Vogel,
Shard Sculpture

icon: Robert Dane, Cast Glass
Robert Dane, Cryin’ Blues

icon: William Carlson, Glass
William Carlson, #10 from Pragnanz series