The University of Iowa has an outstanding group of research core facilities that serve all investigators.

Virtual Cores

To further enhance Institute research and foster its collaborative environment, the Institute will develop the following virtual cores.

Pilot Project Funding

Pilot Project Funding

This virtual core will feature a yearly competition based on a proposed research project. Interdisiciplinary research will be favored. Awardees will present their results at a yearly symposium.



To stimulate discovery, this virtual core will award grants of up to $5,000 toward a very specific goal. Applicants will submit a one page proposal at any time and awards will be made on a monthly basis. Awardees will present their results to the Institute community at a biannual meeting.



This virtual core will use skilled editors to assist investigators in presenting their research and proposals in a more effective manner.

Grant SeekersGrant seekers

In this virtual core, investigators will present their preliminary data and specific goals to a group of Institute leaders for suggestions. The back-and-forth dialog will aid investigators in developing their research strategies. A goal will be to increase the number of multi-investigator awards and grants. This virtual core will also facilitate small business innovation research and small business technology transfer awards.

Scholar Recruiting

Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Scholar Recruiting

This core will aid the recruitment of outstanding postdoctoral fellows and students. It will also facilitate arrrangements for visiting scholars.