Message from the Director

Michael Welsh, MD

The mission of this new Institute is to understand the fundamentals of biology and disease and to extend our discoveries into real-life applications that improve human health.

The hub of the Institute will be in the new Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building.

Research in the Institute will span a range of subjects determined by scientists who have a passion for discovery and supported by donors who share that passion.

We will measure our success by:

  • Our discoveries and the creative papers we publish
  • New treatments, preventions, and diagnostics arising from our research
  • The patents generated and biotech companies started

To implement this vision, the University and the Institute will:

  • Attract the most promising, creative people, at all stages of their careers
  • Involve people doing basic and clinical research; scientists, engineers, physicians and trainees
  • Create an environment that encourages creativity to emerge from individual talent and from groups and then fosters it
  • Reduce barriers between scientific and technological specialties to enable scientists to work across disciplines and embrace biological problems in all their complexity

We are requesting proposals from scientists at Iowa and around the country to tackle major problems in medicine and biology. By working together, groups of investigators will accelerate the pace of research and their discoveries will make a difference to people.

This environment will serve as a catalyst for discovery and innovation. Please read more on this web site about our plans. We hope you consider joining us as an investigator or supporter.

Thank you,

Michael Welsh