(Seated: Liuska Pesce Pediatrics, Sandra Rosenfeld O'Tool Family Medicine, Antoine Azar Internal Medicine, Heather Bingham Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Dee Jimmeh Fletcher Neurology; Standing: Michele Fang Internal Medicine, Gideon Zamba Biostatistics, Vicki Kijewski Internal Medicine, Colleen Kennedy Stockdale Obstetrics & Gynecology, Bruno Policeni Radiology, Katherine Harris Internal Medicine, Olivia Bailey Emergency Medicine)

2012-2014 Teaching Scholars Class

The Teaching Scholars Program was established in 1999 to promote faculty development efforts in the College of Medicine by developing a cadre of faculty with advanced skills in teaching and related areas who are able to convey this knowledge to their departments. A new class is accepted every other year and the 8th class will begin training in September of 2014. See the list of participants though the link below.
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