Computer-based testing: Module Viewer

Testing with Module Viewer (MV) provides users and faculty with a wide variety of advantages and options. Here are a few:

  • MV utilizes the latest technologies in online database connectivity, for examination information and results storage, and online delivery.
  • Student results are kept indefinately and are backed up on multiple secure servers.
  • Multiple question formats can be used in a single exam, including T/F, Multiple Choice, PickN (MC with multiple correct answers), short answer and SuperList (a new non-queuing format which students must search for the answer to a question from a master list of possible answers).
  • Multimedia can be incorporated into questions including audio, video, graphics, pictures and animations.
  • A notes section is provided for students to take notes that are stored with their answers to be pulled up at any time.
  • Testing options (Controlled by Module Maker, below):
    • Timed Exams
    • Each student can be given different amounts of time to complete the same test.
    • Scramble questions - each student sees their exam in a different order than the next student.
    • Instant scoring - students have the option of seeing their score immediately following an exam.
    • Evaluations or surveys can be generated and given at the end of an exam.
    • Login can be customized in several ways. Login can be set up to allow users to create their own username and password or to restrict access only to those on a pre-set roster with unique usernames and passwords. Login can also be bypassed to let all in.
    • Provide feedback for each foil in a question.
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Computer-based testing
: Module Maker

Manage and create online examination and/or learning modules with Module Maker (MM). Here are a few of the highlights of this application:

  • Set exam parameters with MM online, anytime.
  • Enroll students into an exam or module.
  • Check student scores and progress while students are taking an exam!
  • Create online modules, which run in MV, that can include audio, video, graphics, web links, text, etc. without knowing any programming languages or having any multimedia creation experience.
  • Create Content Paths which require students to complete one module or exam before moving to the next in a preset list of modules / exams.
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For more information or a demonstration, please contact:
Daniel Johnsen