If you deliver exams, you owe it to yourself and the curriculum to get started with modern electronic itembanking. Why?  Because modern electronic itembanking helps develop and maintain Evidence Driven Exam Databases (EDED) for sound instruction and testing initiatives. Tests are improved by writing and maintaining a pool of "good" items from which future tests are published in part or in whole.

ItemBanking Component:

  • A lot of programs can store exam items but the power of ItemBanker comes in its ability to allow you to edit, manipulate and retrieve items based on the selection criteria. Select items manually or queries based on difficulty and/or discrimination indices, objective, taxonomy, author, special references and more.

  • ItemBanker-WEB is fully internet driven.  It runs through Microsoft IE allowing you access to your exam databases anywhere, anytime!

  • ItemBanker-WEB is fully compatible with Php and MYSQL web-based database technology.

  • Security is maintained so you can relax and be confident your exams are safe and sound.  Database logs are kept informing administers about who has been in a database. 

  • ItemBanker-WEB allows you to write, store, and manage exam items in order to develop paper-pencil or computer-delivered exams.

  • Conventional item statistics can be generated.

  • ItemBanker-WEB hierarchical structure reflects the course content outline.

  • An unlimited number of topic tables can be created in the hierarchy tree.

  • An unlimited number of sub-topic tables can be created within a topic.

  • An unlimited number of items can be contained in a subtopic table.

  • Item identifying information is easily viewed and edited.

  • Item types include:

    • Multiple choice

    • True-False

    • Short answer (auto-grade coming later this year)

    • Fill-in-the-blank "Super-List" questions (includes "auto-grade"

Item Bank Search Functionality:

  • “Cyber-Stats” monitors the difficulty and discrimination indices as you add or delete items to your tests. Exams can be tailored for levels of difficulty.

  • No programming is required by exam writers. Built in search functionality makes finding data easy.

  • Many popular database queries are pre-programmed and ready to use. Relational queries possible.

  • Search the item banks on content fields or other fields separately or in a combined fashion.

  • Search and select your items within specified ranges of difficulty and discrimination

  • Search and select your items based on any of the supplied identifying fields:

    • Serial numbers

    • Difficulty index

    • Discrimination index

    • Author

    • Item objectives

    • Discipline or domain

    • Exam dates

    • Image, audio or video links

Printing tests:

  • Complete control over the printed characteristics of your tests.

  • Individual questions (by author) can be searched and printed for easy viewing of question performance.

  • Quickly query and print a detailed report on item statistics.

  • Print an answer key.

If you have any questions regarding ItemBanker, feel free to contact Daniel Johnsen via e-mail or by phone at (319) 335-6565.