Faculty Profiles:

Kristi J. Ferguson, Ph.D.
Director of OCRME
Professor, General Internal Medicine
Consultant-Health Behavior & Faculty Development
(319) 335-8900

Kristi Ferguson
has been a staff member at OCRME since 1983 and was named its Director in August of 1996. She received her M.S.W. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan. Kristi's projects have included an intervention study with swine confinement workers to reduce respiratory hazards, a multi-center project to increase preoperative autologous blood donation, a study of successful dieters, a community intervention to reduce smoking initiation among adolescents, and several projects related to evaluating the new College of Medicine curriculum. Her teaching interests include small group facilitation, presentation skills, strategies for motivating patients, and test item writing. Current research projects include an assessment of written learning issue reports in case-based learning, evaluation of the "students teaching students" approach in Gross Anatomy, assessment of a standardized clinical rating system, and prevention of needlestick injuries in hospital workers. She will be teaching the following courses: Current Issues in Medical Education and Portfolio; Co-Teaching Teaching Methods in Medical Education and Study in Faculty Development.

Clarence Kreiter, Ph.D.
Professor, Family Medicine
Consultant-Statistics and Measurement
(319) 335-8906

Clare Kreiter
has been with OCRME since 1990. Clare is interested in psychological measurement theory and its application in medical education. His research is focused on item response theory, selection theory, generalizability, decision-making, meta-analysis and clinical skills assessment. He also provides instruction, support and consulting in statistics, measurement, research design and information synthesis within and outside the College of Medicine. He will be teaching the following courses: Introduction to Educational Measurement in Medical Education and Assessment in Medical Education.

Susan (Mitchell) Lenoch, M.A.
Associate Director/Program Associate
Consultant-Instructional Design
(319) 335-8907

Susan Lenoch
is an education consultant who has been with the Office of Consultation and Research in Medical Education (OCRME) since 1986. Her undergraduate studies were in zoology/chemistry and she worked for several years in research laboratories while pursuing a Master's degree in Instructional Design and Technology. Susan has been involved in projects to develop educational programs and instructional materials for medical students and health care professionals in several fields including geriatrics, psychiatry, preventive cardiology, and transfusion medicine, to name a few. She has conducted training programs on teaching skills for residents and faculty throughout the College of Medicine. Some of Susan's current projects are teaching and consulting for the Teaching Scholars Program, developing bedside job aids for nursing personnel, and assisting to evaluate a computer-based instructional program on ethical decision-making and genetic testing. She will be co-teaching Study in Faculty Development.

Jeff Pettit, Ph.D.
Teaching Skills Consultant
Consultant-Faculty Development
(319) 335-9910

Jeff Pettit
joined the OCRME staff in February 2006 as a Teaching Skills Consultant who will focus on Residents as Teachers. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Business Administration with a major in Human Resources from The University of Iowa. From 2000 05 he was the Organizational Effectiveness Coordinator for Aramark Healthcare Management Services supporting the Iowa Health System. He has nine years of experience in academia teaching graduate and undergraduate courses such as Instructional Design, Training & Development, Organizational Behavior, Organization Development & Change, Principles of Management, and Teams in Organizations. He has twenty years experience as a consultant, facilitator and speaker in the areas of team development, leadership, training, and organization development & change. He has facilitated change at the individual, team, and organization level across a variety of industries with successful outcomes. He will be teaching Instructional Design and Technology.

Marcy Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Family Medicine
Consultant-Faculty Development
(319) 335-8612

Marcy Rosenbaum
joined the OCRME staff and the Department of Family Medicine in June 1998. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Medical Anthropology from the University of Kentucky. From 1995-98 she was the Director of Educational Resources and Development at the Oklahoma State University of Osteopathic Medicine. Marcy has developed a standardized patient program to support clinical skills assessment and teaching, helped restructure existing ambulatory and hospital-based clerkships, and designed and implemented medical informatics training throughout the curriculum. She has facilitated faculty development programs for both campus-based and community-based faculty. Her research and teaching interests include doctor-patient communication, psychosocial oncology, complementary and alternative medicine, and qualitative research methods. She will be teaching the following courses: Clinical Teaching in Medical Education and Co-Teaching Teaching Methods in Medical Education and Study in Faculty Development.

Stephanie Burnett, B.A.
Support Staff-Secretary III
(319) 335-8901