OCRME links research with educational practice through its work with faculty, staff, and students. We apply proven knowledge and technology in order to produce innovative education within the limits of available resources. We provide coordination of services and products that support curriculum development, faculty development, measurement, evaluation, and educational research. We recognize the value that each member contributes to our efforts and we strive to set an example of thoughtful application of validated methods in our own teaching and research

OCRME staff members provide a broad range of services to support medical education and scholarship. Some of our services are listed here. Consult our faculty and staff list for the appropriate contact person or call our main office at 5-8901 for assistance.

Research and Evaluation:

  • Research and evaluation design
  • Test design
  • Performance assessment design
  • Survey design
  • Web-based surveys
  • Data collection planning
  • Statistical analysis
  • Report preparation
  • Proposal preparation

Curriculum Design and Multimedia:

  • Needs assessment
  • Instructional design
  • Multimedia design
  • Animations
  • Digital Video
  • Computer and web-based simulations and tutorials
  • Computerized testing


Faculty and Resident as Teacher Development:

  • Extensive training and support (Teaching Scholars Program)
  • Workshops on a variety of educational topics
  • A collection of videotapes, books, handouts, and other resources on teaching
  • Personalized, formative assessments of teaching
  • Individualized programs for teaching improvement