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Upcoming OCRME Dates and Deadlines


Interactive Lecturing and Beyond Workshop

September 15, 2014
2189 MERF

This workshop will provide guidance for creating interactive lectures and will also introduce other large-group instructional approaches such as flipped classrooms and blended learning. Please click here for more information.


New Class of Teaching Scholars Announced

Congratulations to our 2014-2017 Class of Teaching Scholars!

Kathleen Andersen, Anatomy & Cell Bio
Eric Aschenbrenner, Orthopaedics & Rehab
Greg Bell, Emergency Medicine
Leslie Bruch, Pathology
Wayne Johnson, Molecular Phys & Biophysics
Matthew Karam, Orthopaedics & Rehab
Kathleen Kieran, Urology
Sarat Kuppachi, Internal Medicine
Britt Marcussen, Family Medicine
Richard Olson, Ophthalmology
Luigi Pascarella, Surgery
Justin Smock, Internal Medicine
Limin Yang, Radiology


Master in Medical Education

The next deadline for application to the Masters program is November 15, 2014 for the Spring Session. Click here for more information.



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