The University of Iowa

Medical Scientist Training Program

Carver College of Medicine

Required Clinical Clerkships

Clerkship Weeks
Clinical Beginnings* 1 week
Internal Medicine* 6 weeks
OB/Gyn* 6 weeks
Pediatrics* 6 weeks
Surgery* 6 weeks
Neurology 4 weeks
Psychiatry 4 weeks
Family Medicine 4 weeks
Sub-Internship 4 weeks
ICU, 2nd Sub-Internship, ER or M4 Elective 4 weeks
Orthopaedics* 2 weeks
Otolaryngology* 2 weeks
Dermatology (2 weeks)*
Lab Med/EKG (2 weeks)*
Ophthalmology (4 weeks)
Radiology (2 weeks)*
Urology (2 weeks)*
8 weeks total
MSTP Clinical Connections** 4 weeks
TOTAL Clerkship Weeks 61 weeks
*Clinical Beginnings, one 6 week clerkship, and one 2 week clerkship are taken in the summer after the M2G year.
** MSTP Clinical Connections is taken during the graduate school years (required for 4 semesters).