The University of Iowa

Medical Scientist Training Program

Carver College of Medicine

MSTP Retreat 2013 Schedule*

Thursday, August 15, 2013

8:30 am
M1G & M2G Rotation Summaries: Session 1
8:30 am              Introductions
8:40 am              Rebecca Autenried, M1G, Henry Lab
8:50 am              Michael Choi, M1G, Kohen Lab
9:00 am              Kelly Falls, M1G, Spitz Lab
9:10 am              Cole Haskins, M1G, Kaboli Lab
9:20 am              Sheps King-McAlpin, M1G, Zavazava Lab
9:30 am              Daniel Matasic, M1G, Benson Lab
9:40 am              Sasha Tereshchenko, M1G, Nopoulos Lab
9:50 am              Marcus Toral, M1G, Tan Lab
10:00 am            Natalya Cherepanova, M2G, Pieper Lab
10:10 am            Dan Child, M2G, Davidson Lab
10:20 am            Leah Feazel, M2G, Schweizer & Kaboli Labs
10:30 am
10:45 pm
M1G & M2G Rotation Summaries: Session 2
10:45 am              Charlotte Feddersen, M2G, Dupuy Lab
10:55 am              Rachel Genova, M2G, Usachev & Pieper Labs
11:05 am              Joe Giacalone, M2G, Stone Lab
11:15 am              Melissa Gildenberg, M2G, Washington & Fuentes Labs
11:25 am              Matt Grunewald, M2G, McCray & Zabner Labs
11:35 am              Christo Jose, M2G, Houtman Lab
11:45 am              Carly Lewis, M2G, Anderson & Fingert Labs
11:55 am              Tiffany Lim, M2G, Wilson & Horswill Labs
12:05 pm              Max Liu, M2G, Gloria Lee Lab
12:30 pm
Lunch & Welcome
1:30 pm
M4G & M5G Research Talks: Session 1
Kale Bongers, M5G
"Skeletal Muscle Denervation Causes Skeletal Muscle Atrophy Through a Pathway that Involves Both Gadd45a and HDAC4”
Dan Fox, M5G
“The Transcription Factors p53 and ATF4 Mediate Distinct and Additive Pathways to Disuse Skeletal Muscle Atrophy”
Krishna Iyer, M5G
“Dual Energy CT method to assess heterogeneity of perfused blood volume in smokers susceptible to emphysema”
3:00 pm
Workshop on Writing Project Presentations
DNA Helix & MSTP Memes
3:15 pm
M4G & M5G Research Talks: Session 2
Sara Reed, M5G
"Mechanisms of p53 Activation by NIAM, Nuclear Interactor of ARF and Mdm2"
Nick Gregory, M5G
"Sex Differences In the Onset of Chronic Muscle Pain "
Gwen Clay, M5G
"The role of NLRP10 in Leishmania infections"
4:45 pm
Workshop on Writing Project Presentations
Histology of Life & "If I Were on Faculty" video
5:00 pm
Photo Expedition & Ice Breaker
6:30 pm
Dinner at Moonrakers
126 E. Washington St., Iowa City
(door to the right of One Twenty Six entrance)

Friday, August 16, 2013

9:00 am
Continental Breakfast
Keynote Address by Timothy Barrett, Associate Professor & Director, Center for the Book
"The Future of Paper in the Digital Age"
UI paper specialist Timothy Barrett will share his view of the role of paper in human culture, past present and future. A variety of handmade papers and books will be on display for audience inspection following the talk.
10:30 am
M4G & M5G Research Talks: Session 3
Collin Kreple, M5G
"ASIC1A in the Nucleus Accumbens Regulates Cocaine-evoked Plasticity and Behavior"
Tyler Rasmussen, M5G
"Investigating Roles for MCU in the Heart"
David Ho, M5G
"Common Variants Between Genes HS3ST4 and C16orf82 Associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder"
12:00 pm
Lunch & Business Meeting
1:00 pm
Disperse - Enjoy the rest of your day!
Don't forget the Tailgate & Game on September 7th!


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