The University of Iowa

Medical Scientist Training Program

Carver College of Medicine

Information for Admitted MSTP Students:


Important Dates to Remember:

We are delighted to know that some of you will be on campus this summer doing a research rotation.  Here are just a few things to remember about setting up your rotation:

1. Identify a minimum of 2 faculty with whom you would like to rotate. Our MSTP Faculty list is a great place to begin.

2. Contact Steve Lentz or Pam Geyer to let him/her know who you are considering for rotation.

3. Steve or Pam will work with you to identify a good fit for you for the summer.

4. Once you have decided on your rotation lab, you should talk with the faculty member about potential projects, start date, vacation dates, etc.

5. Remember, we'd like you to start your rotation no later than June 16, 2014.

Medical School Curriculum 2014-2015:

Main MD Curriculum webpage

New MD Curriculum

20/20 Vision:  Curriculum Renewal Project

Housing Information:

Real Estate Listings

Iowa City/Coralville/North Liberty Neighborhoods

Current MSTP students selling and/or renting their property:

You may use ICON to communicate your Roommate and Sublet Exchanges. To list your property, go to ICON, select OSAC Communications, and click the "Discussion" tool bar. Scroll almost to the end of the listing and you'll find the "Shared Housing Exchange" board.  Messages posted here will be visible to all medical and physician assistant students including the incoming medical and physician assistant students.

Students may also add summer sublets or apartments rentals by going to the University of Iowa Off-Campus Housing Service website.

Payroll and Health Insurance:  


  • You will earn an annual stipend of $26,000
  • Your pay begins the day you begin training
  • You are paid monthly on the 1st of the month
  • Your first paycheck will come on the 1st of the month after you begin training

Health Insurance

  • Health insurance coverage is mandatory
  • You can purchase health insurance from the University or you can be covered on another policy
  • If you purchase health insurance from the University you are eligible to begin coverage the day you begin training. Your premium will be the full monthly premium for the policy you choose (SHIP or UIGradCare) until the 1st of the month after you begin training, after which the premium reduces to 10% of the full premium.
  • Dental benefits are available (but not mandatory)

Other Information: