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Grant Support

P50 CA97274 - Iowa/Mayo Lymphoma Specialized Program for Research Excellence (SPORE)

Dr. Weiner is the Principal Investigator of the Iowa/Mayo Lymphoma SPORE. His laboratory is involved a number of different projects supported by the SPORE including research into the potential therapeutic effects of immunostimulatory CpG ODN, analysis of the role Granzyme B plays in lymphoma immunotherapy, and evaluation of the effects of complement on immunotherapy of lymphoma. For more information on the SPORE, please see:

R01 CA137198 - Monoclonal Antibody-Induced NK Cell Activation and Complement

Dr. Weiner is the Principal Investigator of an R01 grant from the NCI exploring the relationship between complement and antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity induced by anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies. His laboratory was the first to suggest complement fixation may actually inhibit killing of antibody-targeted cancer cells.

Collaboration with Dr. Aliasger Salem

Dr. Weiner collaborates on a number of projects with Dr. Salem in the college of pharmacy exploring microparticles and their potential in cancer vaccine strategies. This work is supported by grants from the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society. For more information on the laboratory of Dr. Aliasger Salem, please see: