6.6.16 Lots of news as I was lashed to the grant-writing wheel (still am). First, check out my paper on ramping activity . Check out this review of optogenetic techniques in the striatum . Finally, I just participated in a really fun symposium at the Canadian Society for Neuroscience .

4.6.16 Check out Eric and Rafa's paper describing field potentials through frontostriatal networks during interval timing.

3.26.16 Our recent collaborative work with the Fairley lab describing a wild interaction between PD and skin disease just came out in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology:

2.22.16 Welcome Ben Decorte to the lab. Ben is interested in timing for his PhD, and comes to use from Matt Matell's group.

1.31.16 Congratulations to BOTH Youngcho Kim AND Krystal Parker for winning funding from the Nellie Ball Trust!

1.1.16 Tomas Lence will be joining the lab as an undergraduate student helping with the dyskinesia project.

12.10.15 We are very excited to be funded by Iowa's OVPR for a collaboration with Raghu Mudumbai and Soura Dasgupta developing adaptive algorithms for brain stimulation.

12.10.15 Krystal Parker won a travel fellowship and will be presenting at Winter Brain in Breckenbridge, CO

12.1.15 Check out Krystal and Rafa's D1 paper at Frontiers

11.20.15 Welcome Ryan Kelley , a new MSTP student to the lab.

10.30.15 Johnson and Youngcho review new therapies for DLB

10.26.15 Kumar was selected by the Corridor Business Journal among community leaders under 40

10.1.15 Check out Stephanie's paper showing that the VTA, despite textbooks ignoring it, is involved in Parkinson's disease

9.9.15 Johnny Kingyon's poster won The Excellence Award in Translational Neuroscience Research at Medical Student Research Day!

8.1.15 A few important papers from our lab are now out. The first, in J Neurophysiology, shows that, astoundingly, rodents and humans have common patterns of activity from frontal cortex, and even more suprisngly, these patterns depend on intact dopamine signaling.

The second, at Neuroscience, is a collaborative project with Jeremy Greenlee characterizing coherence across the human cortex during speech using unique intracranial recordings.

6.11.15 Kumar is an honorable mention for the Daniel X. Freedman Award from the Brain and Behavior Foundation, which has been incredibly supportive of our work. He will join them for their annual award's ceremony in New York.

5.21.15 Our collaboration with the Pieper lab has a validated a novel small molecule for neuroprotection in the classic 6-OHDA model of Parkinson's disease.

5.13.15 Youngcho's review of D1 circuits is now out.

4.30.15 Congratulations to Johnny Kingyon, who won a Carver College of Medicine Summer Research Fellowship.

4.1.15 Welcome to Rafael Ruggerio from Brazil, who will be joining us for 1 year on an internship.

3.9.15 Johnathan Kingyon was just accepted to medical school at the University of Iowa!

2.15.15 Congratulations to Stephanie Alberico on winning an NINDS F31 for her graduate training.

2.5.15 In less than 24 hours, Krystal Parker learned that her NIH K got an impact score of 12 and recieved funding for translational work from the Nellie Ball Trust. Congratulations to Krystal!

1.30.15 Mark Laubach just published complete review of the rodent frontal cortex and error-processing, and includes a lot of new local-field potential data in JPP.

12.14.14 Krystal's paper demonstrating that ramping cells and stimulus-related theta depends on D1 signaling is now out in the Journal of Neuroscience!

11.1.14 Our R01 enabling us to study the basic mechanisms of how dopamine influences prefontal function was just funded! We are very grateful for federal support and look forward to investigating the fundamental mechanism of cognition that are impaired by Parkinson's disease.

10.17.14 Check out some UI news about our collaboration with Dr. Andrew Pieper and the opening of the new Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building .

9.19.14 We are looking for an outstanding postdoctoral fellows . Click here to apply!

9.15.14 Krystal's paper describing therapuetic targeting of the cerebellum is now out.

9.10.14 Welcome to , Sarah Gross our newest research assistant.

8.10.14 Check out our new Systems Neuroscience Journal Club , led by Krystal Parker 3rd Wednesday of every month in PBDB 1385, and our Matlab course , led by Eric Emmons every Thursday this semester in PDBD 1336 from 11:30 - 12:30.

8.10.14 Way to go Youngcho Kim, who just won a NARSAD Young Investigator Grant in 2015, from the Brain and Behavior Foundation.

8.1.14 We are moving to the Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Center, a brand new building at the Carver College of Medicine!

5.27.14 Congratulations to Adam Miller, who will be at Iowa for medical school, and welcome to Eric Emmons, our newest graduate student!

5.1.14 We are incredibly grateful for the support of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in our pursuit of RNAi-based therapy for Parkinson's disease.

4.29.14 Welcome to Sangwoo Han, who will join us as an undergraduate research assistant from Dr. Ana Recober.

4.1.14 Congratulations to Dron, who will start a movement disorders fellowship at Emory..

3.20.14 Go Dr. Parker! Her application was supported by the Nellie Ball Foundation. We are grateful for their support and very excited to begin experiments. .

3.19.14 Welcome Sundari Ilsa to the lab. OK, she's 7 weeks old. She seems to have mastered scientific skepticism already, however.

1.21.14 Congratulations to Ben Land, whose paper describing a novel top-down circuit controlling food intake, is now out at Nature Neuroscience .

12.30.13 We just heard on that our Bachmann-Strauss Foundation application was funded. This project explores the neural circuitry of levodopa-induced dyskinesias, which we are very excited to start. We are grateful for their generous support.

12.26.13 Check our editorial in Neurology about the role of amantadine and dyskinesia .

12.1.13 Check out the news and views on our adaptive control paper, with a cool model of how it might work.

10.31.13 Krystal Parker's review on executive function, interval timing, and Parkinson's is now out at Frontiers in Neuroscience .

10.20.13 A new paper describing the mechanism of adaptive control is now on Nature Neuroscience's advanced online publication. This paper, involving a collaboration with Jim Cavanagh and Michael Frank, describes common low-frequency oscillations in rats and humans. These oscillations synchronize neurons across frontal cortex to improve behavior after errors. Here's a great interview by Mark about this paper.

10.14.13 Our first data paper on prefrontal D1 signaling during an RT task was accepted by the journal Neuroscience! This paper makes the point that ventral tegmental dopamine controls temporal expectation during reaction time performance via D1-type dopamine receptors. Way to go Krystal, Stephanie, and Adam!

9.26.13 Welcome to Young-cho Kim , who will join the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Kim has an outstanding background in genetics, the molecular biology of the D1 dopamine receptor, and behavioral analysis.

8.7.13 Congratulations! To Krystal Parker, for winning the 2014 NARSAD Young Investigator Award. This work will explore how the cerebellum sculpts cognitive signals in the prefrontal cortex.

7.31.13 A big thanks to Karun Kiani, who initiated automated video-tracking algorithms. Karun is an undergraduate from Claremont-McKenna, and we will continue working with him on his thesis

6.17.13 We're looking for outstanding postdoctoral candidates with a strong systems neuroscience background. Apply now!

6.10.13 Congratulations to Stephanie Alberico, who will join the Pharmacology T32 grant.

6.5.13 Dr. Jeremy Greenlee, presented analysis of coherence between frontal and temporal cortex at the Acoustical Society of America.

6.1.13 Check out our new review article describing the role of prefrontal dopamine and cognitive symptoms of PD.

5.8.13 Stephanie Alberico, the labs' very first graduate student, will be joining our lab!

4.1.13 We just won a pilot grant from the Department of Neurology to study interval timing and executive dysfunction in patients with Parkinson's disease.

3.26.13 Johnathan Kingyon is presenting a poster of our collaboration with Dr. Jeremy Greenlee at a Research In The Capitol conference in Des. He also just won a Rhodes Dunlap College Scholarship from the Honors program!

3.13.13 Check out short blurb at Yale Medicine on our work on interval timing.

3.1.13 Thanks to Jim Cavanagh for presenting our abstract "Common neural correlates of adaptive control in the anterior cingulate cortex of rats and humans" at Cosyne 2013

2.1.13 We just won a Carver Trust MRIG pilot grant for RNA-interference of a-synuclein. We are excited to push this program forward.

1.23.13 Dr. Narayanan is a recipient of the NARSAD Young Investigator award. We are excited to use this award to investigate how dopamine influences prefrontal circuits.

1.14.12 Dron Lamichhane will work with us during his neurology residency to study timing in Parkinson's patients.

12.7.12 Krystal Parker joined the lab as our first postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Parker is an expert on cerebellar physiology, and she will study how prefrontal and dopamine circuits interact with the cerebellum.

12.7.12 We're excited to have Johnathan Kingyon join the lab as an undergraduate research assistant.

11.27.12 Check our new paper describing the role of prefrontal D1 dopamine receptors and temporal control, in the early edition of PNAS .

10.26.12 Congratulations to Adam Miller , who will join us in the lab as a research assistant this year.

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