Welcome to the Tan laboratory in the department of internal medicine at the University of Iowa.


Research in our lab is directed towards understanding gene regulatory networks in normal and disease development. In particular, we would like to gain mechanistic understanding of how genetic and epigenetic factors interact to control gene expression. These efforts will help us better understand how the different processes controlling gene expression are coordinated in the cell and deepen our knowledge of organismal development and disease processes. Towards this overall goal, we are conducting interdisciplinary research that combines wet-lab experiments and computation.

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Recent Publications

[1] Teng L, He B, Wang J, and Tan K. 4DGenome: a comprehensive database of chromatin interactions. 2015. Bioinformatics. [pubmed link].

[2] Ma X, Gao L, and Tan K. Modeling disease progression using dynamics of pathway connectivity. 2014. Bioinformatics. [pubmed link].

[3] He B, Chen C, Teng L, and Tan K. Global view of enhancer-promoter interactome in human cells. 2014. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. [pubmed link].

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