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Standardized Patient Actor Training

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Section 2 - Assessment of Activities of Daily Living

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The Six-Maneuver Physical Function Screen

By having the patient perform six simple movements, the physician can learn much about his or her function. This will help to focus any further physical examination. The six maneuvers are the following:

  1. Put both hands together behind the head
  2. Put both hands together in back of the waist
  3. While sitting, touch each great toe with the opposite hand
  4. Squeeze the examiner's two fingers with each hand, and resist the attempt to pull them out
  5. Hold a paper between the thumb and index finger on each hand, and resist the attempt to pull it out.
  6. Place the arms across the chest and stand from the chair

Launch the video clip to the right to see these maneuvers performed, along with an explanation of the activities of daily living that each assesses.

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