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Standardized Patient Actor Training

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Section 1 - Introduction to the Geriatric Standardized Patient Activity

 A medical student talking with a patient WHAT HAPPENS DURING A STANDARDIZED PATIENT ENCOUNTER?

The medical students you will be working with will already know how to take a history and conduct a physical exam. The Geriatric Standardized Patient program will not focus on these skills, but rather will teach students how to do functional assessment.

Because the student will not actually perform a physical exam on you, participation in the Geriatric Standardized Patient encounters will not require you to disrobe. Each clinic encounter, regardless of whether you are playing the patient with Alzheimer's disease or the patient with Parkinson's disease, will follow the same basic pattern.

  1. The student will receive a one-page handout giving the history and physical exam for the patient you are portraying.
  2. The student, with a fellow student acting as the observer, will attempt to do a complete functional assessment by asking questions about function and by using certain screening tools. This will last approximately 20 minutes.
  3. You and the observer will give feedback to the student who acted as the physician, discussing the functional assessment and what might be done to improve function for the patient. This will last about 10 minutes.

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