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When I click on the link to start viewing my presentation, the presentation does not appear right away - all I see is white space. What should I do?

It is likely that you did not allow enough time for the presentation to load. Once you click on the link for the presentation, it should open in a new window and begin loading. While it is loading, all that you see in the new window may be empty space. The presentation usually loads within 30 seconds to 1 minute; however, depending on your Internet connection speed, it may take up to a couple of minutes. Once the presentation has finished loading, it will appear in the new window. It should begin to play automatically. If it does not, click the "Play" button on the control bar underneath the presentation.

GeriaCasts have been tested on Internet Explorer 7 and above. The latest versions of your web browser and an M4V file player plug-in (such as QuickTime Player), and a DSL line, cable modem, or other broadband connection are required to view the presentations.

You can go to to download the latest version of QuickTime free from Apple Computer. Download and run the current QuickTime installer. Follow the instructions on the screen as directed by the installer program.

You can also subscribe to the GeriaCasts podcast and view the presentations through iTunes instead. For more information about iTunes, please visit the Apple iTunes page. To subscribe to the GeriaCasts podcasting series within iTunes, click here.

 Volume Button Can I adjust the volume of the presentation?

Yes. Beneath the presentation image there is a small button with an icon that resembles a speaker. When you click on it, a volume level indicator will appear. To adjust the volume, hold the mouse button and slide the volume indicator up or down to adjust the volume level. If the volume indicator is already at maximum and you would like the sound to be louder, adjust the volume on your computer speakers.

 Play Button  Pause Button I missed something, or I need to break for a moment. How can I pause or rewind the presentation?

To pause the presentation, click on the Pause button beneath the presentation. When the presentation is paused, the Pause button turns into a Play button. When you are ready to resume, click this Play button.

 Progress Bar The slider in the progress bar beneath the presentation moves to show your current place in the presentation, but it can also be used to navigate in the presentation. To rewind the presentation to a particular point, click and drag the slider to the approximate corresponding position on the progress bar, then release it. The presentation will then begin to play from the point indicated by the slider's position. You can also use the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons to the right of the progress bar. Just click on either button and hold it down undil you reach the desired point in the presentation.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

For any additional questions about GeriaCasts presentations, contact the Iowa Geriatric Education Center at