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Dementia Training to Promote Involvement in Meaningful Activities

Dementia Training to Promote Involvement in Meaningful Activities will increase the skills and abilities of nurses, social workers, licensed therapy professionals, certified nurse aides, and other assistive personnel in long-term care settings who work with older adults with dementia. The training includes recognizing unmet activity needs among persons with dementia, applying appropriate activity assessment methods, adjusting care routines to include enjoyable activities, and monitoring outcomes related to activity involvement. This evidence-based program offers a variety of learning formats, including patient simulations, video presentations, and workplace exercises. It focuses on the following learning objectives:

  • Discuss the CMS activity regulation (F-tag 248) and methods to promote compliance.
  • Describe the benefits of individualized activities for older adults with dementia.
  • Describe the relationship between individualized activities and behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD).
  • Describe how to select activities based on individual needs, preferences, characteristics, and abilities.
  • Describe the benefits of, and methods to implement, each of the following activities: Simple Pleasures, wheelchair biking, exercise-based activities, music-based activities, social groups, arts & crafts activities, animal-assisted activities, relaxation-based activities, cooking as an activity, and sensory-based activities.
  • Establish team roles to effectively implement and modify individualized activities.
  • Describe basic principles for implementing individualized activities.

Here's what learners who have used this product are saying:

  • "I realized that the simplest pleasures seem to mean the most and work the best for dementia patients."
  • "It helped me look at activities in a different way that is more beneficial to the residents."
  •  "It made me see that there are many different ways to get all staff involved in the daily activities and that activities need to be more resident-appropriate."
  • "This provided GREAT ideas for residents who wanderer, just “sit,” or are anxious… the entire staff can and should be involved with offering activities instead of leaving it up to the nurses to deal with behaviors."
  • "I realized that by improving one area of a resident’s life it flows into many other areas, such as behaviors, relationships, energy level, and mood."
  • "It helped staff think of a different way we can implement new activity ideas with their past interests and individual preferences and how we will incorporate them into their plan of care."
  • "This provided great ideas for new or improved activities, how to implement, and how to document them."

This CD-based product provides a quality, cost-effective training opportunity for your staff without them having to leave the workplace. The package may be purchased for $50.00, and it is approved for 9 contact hours of continuing education for nurses, or a Certificate of Completion for all other disciplines, through December 31, 2016.

If you are interested in ordering this product, send your request to Please include your name, your e-mail address, and your facility's name and mailing address. If your learners would like nursing continuing education or a Certificate of Completion after finishing the training, they may complete an Application and Program Evaluation form and submit it to our office, along with a fee of $6.00 per learner.