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Geriatric Lecture Series Schedule

The Geriatric Lecture Series is presented online as a series of monthly lectures. Each lecture can be viewed for one month and is accessible exclusively during the month it is scheduled. This series is sponsored by the Iowa Geriatric Education Center and the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine.

The following schedule is subject to change.

March 1, 2016 Cognitive Impairment and Oral Health Leonardo Marchini, DDS, PhD
April 1, 2016 Identification of Potentially Inappropriate Medications: The Beers Criteria – Update 2015 Jeffrey C. Reist, PharmD
May 1, 2016 Practical Issues Related to Medication Use in Dementia Kevin Schleich, PharmD
June 1, 2016 Parkinsonism: A Geriatrician's Perspective Gerald Jogerst, MD
July 1, 2016 Depression and Cognitive Decline Susan Duffy, MD
August 1, 2016 Chemobrain: It's Not All In Your Head Yogesh Shah, MD
September 1, 2016 Health Maintenance in the Dementia Patient Robert Bender II, MD
October 1, 2016 Dementia in the Context of Intellectual Disability Paul Mulhausen, MD
November 1, 2016 Management of Comorbid Symptoms that Interfere with Sleep in the Older Adult Jeffrey C. Reist, PharmD and Leo Marchini, DDS, PhD
December 1, 2016 Delirium: Medication Decision-Making in Prevention and Management Ryan Carnahan, PharmD