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Geriatric Lecture Series Schedule

The Geriatric Lecture Series is presented online as a series of monthly lectures. Each lecture can be viewed for one month and is accessible exclusively during the month it is scheduled. This series is sponsored by the Iowa Geriatric Education Center and the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine.

The following schedule is subject to change.

April-01-15 Management of Behavioral Disturbance in Dementia: Complexities in Antipsychotic Use – The Quality Equation Susan Schultz, MD
May-01-15 Exercise Effects on Cognitive Function in Mild Cognitive Impairment Michelle Voss, PhD
June-01-15 Caregiving Networks and Family Communication in Dementia Sato Ashida, PhD
July-01-15 Choosing Wisely and Goals of Care Nicholas Butler, MD
August-01-15 Nutrition Considerations in Advanced Dementia David Clark, MD
September-01-15 Chronic Lung Disease, Cognitive Function and Dementia Risk in the Elderly Karin Hoth, PhD
October-01-15 Cognitive Changes and Dementia in the Context of Parkinson's Disease Kumar Narayanan, MD
November-01-15 Early Detection of Different Types of Dementia: Signs and Symptoms Susan Schultz, MD
December-01-15 Care Transitions: Best Practices for Transfer Among Levels of Care with a Focus on Cognitive Function Marianne Smith, PhD