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Depression Training to Promote Nurses as Advocates for Older Adults

Depression Training to Promote Nurses as Advocates for Older Adults will increase the skills and abilities of nurses working in diverse health care settings where it is necessary to identify and treat late life depression. This evidence-based program offers a variety of learning formats, including patient simulations, video presentations, and workplace exercises. It focuses on the following learning objectives:

  • Identify signs and symptoms of depression in older adults.
  • Administer and interpret the PHQ-9, a depression assessment tool used to quantify signs and symptoms.
  • Use problem-solving methods to identify factors that may cause or contribute to depression in late life.
  • Identify person-centered outcomes and setting-specific outcome monitoring methods.
  • Select and apply interdisciplinary daily care interventions that target health promotion and depression reduction.
  • Identify resources to assist older adults with depression in the community.
  • Make a referral for depression evaluation to a professional provider in the community.
  • Initiate needed follow-up interventions with the older adult, family member(s), daily care providers, and health care professionals to assure optimal depression care outcomes.

Here's what learners who have used this product are saying:

  • "I no longer look at the age of the person and think it’s OK to be depressed."
  • "Makes me more aware of the problem in the elderly and how I can have a positive effect in improving the quality of their life."
  • "I am more acutely aware for physical signs/symptoms that could be masking depression."
  • "I now have evaluation tools that I feel comfortable with."
  • "I understand depression as an illness that needs to be treated."
  • "Become a more confident communicator as a nurse when communicating with physicians."
  • "Feeling more comfortable in explaining to patients the realness of depression and that it is not normal!"
  • "I liked being able to go at my own pace."
  • "The handouts are very good and easy to follow."
  • "This was a very good program. More of our clients will be screened in the future as a result of this presentation."
  • "This was a very user-friendly and comprehensive educational program."
  • "Excellent articulation of nursing role at every step."
  • "Very well explained and put together. Definitely a lot of thought behind the information. Very useful in everyday situations."
  • "The case study of Sandra Jo was very helpful as a means of giving identifying problems and treatments common to our own clients."
  • "It made me think about our residents and want to take a different approach on some of their behaviors/actions."
  • "The tools are very helpful in being able to distinguish how depressed people are and very helpful in knowing when you should be getting something started to help the resident."
  • "It has given me reinforcement and tools that I as an RN can improve my assessment skills, and also continuity among my fellow coworkers."
  • "It has been difficult to find training specific to depression assessment. Thank you for this program!"

This CD-based product provides a quality, cost-efficient training opportunity to offer continuing education for your staff members without them having to leave the workplace. The package may be purchased for $50.00, and it is approved for 8 contact hours of continuing education for nurses through December 31, 2016.

If you are interested in ordering this product, send your request to Please include your name, your e-mail address, and your facility's name and mailing address. If your learners would like nursing continuing education or a Certificate of Completion after finishing the training, they may complete an Application and Program Evaluation form and submit it to our office, along with a fee of $6.00 per learner.