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Joint Office for Compliance Administrative Staff

Deborah Thoman
Assistant Vice President for Compliance and Accreditation
UI Privacy Officer
(319) 384-5897

Joanne Becker
Associate Director
&Recovery Audit Contractor)
(319) 356-0339

Kiley Bybee-Francque
Associate Director

(319) 353-8600

William Ganschow
Associate Director
(Policies & Safety Programs)
(319) 384-9675

Denise Krutzfeldt
Associate Director
&Conflict of Interest)
(319) 384-9688

Karen Martinson

(319) 356-1202

JOC Office: (319) 384-8282

JOC Helpline: (319) 384-8190
(Concerns may be reported anonymously)

Compliance Review Services Staff