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Patient Education/Services


General Clinical Resources

BrightFutures Poison Control
Alcohol Misuse Quitline Iowa
KidsHealth Medline+
Peds Services Safe Driving
Social Services Iowa Living Will/DPOA
IPOST form Other links
Clinical Calculators
DiffDxlock Ferri's Advisor Clinical Guidelines
Isabel FP Notebook Clinical Rules
Clinical Evidencelock Hardin FM NeuroPsych

MD Consultlock

Immunization EBM
Visual DXlock Prevention CME
UptoDatelock UI Lab Services  Other Links

Med Lit Searches

Internet Search and Info

PubMed Hardin  UI E-Journals
Academic Search DOI lookup Google Scholar

Drug Resources

Disease Specific Resources

ADD  Antibiotic Guide JHopkins Antibiotic Renal Dosing UPenn
Anticoagulation Insulin DKA Rx Insulin  T2DM Rx
(Drug Info)
LactMed Micromedex
Narcotics Pregnancy UIHC Formularylock
UIHC BugRx Drug Prices Drug programs
Allergy AntiCoag Rx   COPD
Diabetes Geriatrics JNC8
Lipids Lytes AcidBase Mental Health
Neonatology Palliative Care Peds Obesity
  Obstetrics Osteoporosis Smoking
STD  Women's
Other links

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