The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Biological Safety Level III Laboratories

BSL 3 Laboratories

The following checklist is to be used by principal investigators and research personnel conducting select agent research.

  1. Department of Justice background check and submit description of your research experience to Associate Director (detail years of experience, levels of safety, where you have trained or by whom you were trained)

    Contact Haley Sinn, or Carol McGhan,

    Contact Dana Ries,

  2. Submit project plan to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    Contact Haley Sinn, or Carol McGhan,

  3. Obtain approval for your experimental protocols: submit Appendix 1B, Standard Operating Protocol to Stanley Perlman, M.D., Ph.D., Chair, Carver College of Medicine BSL-3 Laboratory Committee.

    Standard Operating Protocol

    Contact Stanley Perlman, M.D., Ph.D.,

  4. Complete Basic Biological Safety Course

    Online Training Course

    Send certificate of completion to Dana Ries,

  5. Complete Basic Radiation Safety course (if using radiation)

    Online Training Course

    Send certificate of completion to Dana Ries,

  6. Complete Blood-borne Pathogens for Lab Workers training Course

    Online Training Course

    Send documentation to Dana Ries,

  7. Obtain animal use approval, if utilizing animals

    Obtain approval for animal usage

    Send documentation to Dana Ries,

  8. Bank serum and get required vaccinations

    University of Iowa Employee Health Clinic

    Provide documentation to Dana Ries,

  9. Read University of Iowa BSL-3 Safety, Security and Emergency manuals

    Sign statement of understanding on the back of the orientation quiz

  10. Attend BSL-3 lab orientation class on safety, security and emergency procedures

    Sign attendance and pass quiz

  11. Perform agent-specific training.

    Read materials regarding agents specific to your area

    Sign statement of understanding and return to Dana Ries

  12. Take online HPO course "Respirator: Required Use of Powered Air Purifying Respirator with Hood or Helmet"

    Online HPO Course

    Attend "hands-on" training. Attendance is required. Sign certificate of completion.

  13. Respirator fit testing (if necessary) by University Employee Health Clinic or HPO

    UI Employee Health Clinic Respirator Information

    Send documentation to Dana Ries,

  14. Conduct hands-on training and observation in the BSL-3 laboratory

    Schedule time with Associate Director

    Complete and return Appendix 5A to Dana Ries

  15. Complete BSL-3 Security Access form

    Appendix 1, Biosecurity manual

    Contact Dana Ries,

  16. Complete MFK form (.doc form)

    Contact Dana Ries,

  17. Obtain Proximity card, PIN number and Emergency Alert Card from Dana Ries.

Once these requirements are met, approval to work in the BSL-3 Laboratory Core Facility will be granted by the Core Associate Director. Upon approval, a Marlok card and PIN will be provided to the approved individual.