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Providing Connections for a Meaningful Medical Education

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Welcome to the Learning Communities Institute

The adoption of learning communities by medical schools is one of the most exciting concepts in medical education today, revolutionizing the way in which medical students prepare for their careers as physicians. In 1998, the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine established learning communities as a way to enhance the medical school experience for our students. Recognizing the opportunities for learning, leadership and service that exist outside of the traditional classroom, we were one of the first medical schools in the country to actually design and construct a state-of the-art medical education facility to help realize our vision for community learning.

Since that time, a number of other medical schools have created their own unique vision for incorporating a learning community environment into their educational programs and the Carver College of Medicine has been pleased to host a number of visits to our campus from medical schools considering adoption of a learning community model. Through these visits we have become increasingly aware of the rich variety of approaches schools take to develop communities that reflect the distinctive cultures and missions of their institutions.

In an effort to foster a dialogue about learning communities among all medical schools, the Carver College of Medicine hosted the inaugural Learning Communities Institute: Providing Connections for a Meaningful Medical Education, held September of 2005 in Iowa City. What followed that meeting were several more sessions at other institutions and AAMC national meetings for all those interested in exploring this aspect of medical education. We encourage you to join the LCI mailing list to receive updates as additional resources and meetings are announced.

We welcome your comments and questions.

Peter Densen, M.D.
Executive Associate Dean
The University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine