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2002-2003 SCHOOL YEAR


The Regional Autism Services Program offers each Area Education Agency’s Autism Resource Teams a small mini-grant of $500 to develop regional services each school year. Teams propose needs that are not presently covered by the AEA. Projects should involve a team activity centered on some joint effort that would make specific improvement(s) in services to the students and/or families of students. A description of an expected end product or how the outcome will be summarized and measured must be included in the proposals and sent in before grants will be approved the following year. All projects that can be reproduced are shared with all other Autism Resource Teams through their team leader mailing.

AEA 1: Expand lending library of materials for professional and parent loan documenting change from pre and post test surveys

AEA 2: Installation of Power Point software creating slides and CD’s for presentations

AEA 3: Provide a sensory kit for use with all ages for children on spectrum

AEA 4: Produce a video social story on DVD with their new digital camera

AEA 5: Upgrade sensory kits for those requiring sensory programming

AEA 7: Purchase sample sensory items kit to use in assessment of sensory needs with a rating scale for feedback

AEA 10: Purchase time for staff to organize digital pictures for presentations for structured teaching classes

AEA 11: DMPS purchased a digital camera for collecting communication pictures

AEA 13: Purchase of books, software, and assistive technology to use in modeling during consultation

AEA 14: Develop toy/play script kits to use in learning environment to increase functional play skills

AEA 15: Purchase materials and sensory information to assist parents and professionals provide appropriate input to students

AEA 16: Purchase social games for take home kits for parents; time to organize lending library service











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