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Sensory Reinforcement Library Inventory

Sensory Reinforcement Library
Materials Inventory List for Iowan's (no out of state lending)

Please choose 3 boxes you would like to view and rank them #1, #2, and #3. According to availability, 2 of the 3 boxes will be delivered. After making your selections, please go to the bottom of the page to submit the form.

Visual Box #1
Zigzag – 20" tall yellow wood board with red trim stand on either end. This has a zigzag design through which a disc travels downward. The disc is blue on one side and shiny on the other. It makes a clunk at each stage of the zigzag.

Shake Rattle and Roll – a clear tube with yellow caps on either end. A ball is enclosed in the tube. Reverse the tube and the ball bounces off either end of the tube.

Glass mirror ball – 8" ball covered with tiny mirror pieces. Shine a light onto the slowly rotating ball and you create hundreds of moving images all over the room.

Includes: Glass mirror ball
Battery operated rotator
suspension hook
1 - 1.5 volt battery

Plasma ball – 12" x 16" x 16" glass sphere enclosed within strong black box with openings on the sides. Spectacular visual effect. Activated by sound or touch. Electrical.

Squiggles – 3 ½" yellow and purple ball - switch on and watch the ball squiggle in every direction. Put the ball in a bag and watch the bag twirl and swirl. Great tracking aid.

Includes: Squiggles ball
1 AA battery

Crystal sponge ball – An eye-catching ball which sparkles and flashes when it is shaken or dropped. A great way to encourage eye/hand coordination. White ball about 2 ½" in diameter.

Visual Box #2
Tumbling clown – 11" x 4" x 24" solid wooden ladder. Clown starts at the top and goes down the ladder head over heels

Lumiglow panel – 48" x 25" sheet. Lumiglow sheet will glow when exposed to light. Place your hand on the sheet for a couple of seconds, take it away and there will be an image of it left behind, which slowly fades away.

Lumiglow light pen – Allows you to draw with light onto the lumiglow panel. The image slowly fades away and you can start again.

Includes: mini MAGlite
2 AA batteries
Flexible fiber-optic cap

Glitter tube – a clear tube which contains green glitter and shiny stars, moons, circles, hearts, etc. Turn the tube lengthwise and watch the glitter flutter through the nontoxic liquid.

Gem sphere – 9" x 7" black ball with colored lights. Sits on a black base. Rotates slowly projecting the different colored lights. Operated through a low voltage transformer

Astroball – Red ball 2 ½" in diameter. Lights up when turned on by switch. Not only do they have an attractive visual appearance but they have a good tactile feel to them. The ball runs on 9 volt battery

Includes: Red astroball
1 – 9 volt Battery

Visual Box #3

Rope light – Robust plastic tube has dozens of different colored bulbs. Bulbs can be lit either permanently, flickering or travelling at different speeds in different directions. Low voltage and controlled by a hand held box. Only for visual effect. Not to be handled.

Includes: Rope light
24 volts controller base

Helter Skelter - A clear tube with black caps on either end. A wooden spiral design and two silver balls are enclosed in the tube. Turn the tube lengthwise and watch the balls spiral down the tube.

Spiral lamp – 16" x 7" – Clear tubular shaped lamp with black cap on top and black base. Small balls are swept up the middle of the lamp and cascade down a spiral ramp. Illuminated from the top of the lamp. Electrical.

Scampa Mouse – 4" long gray mouse – Excellent for hand/eye coordination. A very lively little fellow who scuttles about the floor turning when you least expect him. Turns on and off by a button on the bottom of the mouse.

Includes: Scampa Mouse
2 - AA batteries

Visual Box #4

Bubble column – 24" x 3" free-standing column with white top and base. Bubbles flow up and down in the tube. Color is provided by inserting one of six different color screens into the base. Electrical.

Includes: Bubble column
Six different color screens
Distilled water
Halogen lamp source

Olfactory Box #1

Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser – provides a variety of scents


Aromatherapy electrical unit
4 scents
5 replaceable scent pads

Auditory Box #1

Topsy Turvy – Yellow tube with blue end caps. Unit makes a variety of sounds when placed in different positions.


Topsy Turvy tube
1 – 9 volt Battery

Rain stick – 29" x 2 ½" (looks like a piece of branch) – When shaken or turned upside down, the sound produced is soothing, like that of falling rain. Very tactile surface and gives stimulation when the beads are falling.

Music maker – Plays up to twelve tunes when turned on. Cream colored box 3 ½" x 5 ½" with flower design on the front and gold trim.


Music maker
2 – 1.5 volt batteries

Auditory Box #2

Jumpy Spider – sound sensitive spider. He is still until you make a noise, then he toddles forward.


2 - AA batteries

Jumpy Crab – sound sensitive crab. He will scuttle forward for a few seconds when a sound is made.


2 - AA batteries

Giggle ‘n Jiggle bear – giggles and moves by sound activation.


2 - AA batteries

Bop-A-Tune frog – Green frog with red hands and feet. Press his hand and he will play tunes. Press his nose, he will play one note at a time.


2 - AA batteries

Scooter the German Shepherd – 9" long light brown, dark brown and white German Shepherd dog. A soft cuddly faithful friend. Barks and sits when you pat his back. Push his back and Scooter will scoot, walk, bark, and sit sometimes wagging his tail.


2 – 1.5 volt Size C batteries

Tactile box #1
Squidgy ball – Soft yellow ball which needs only a tiny amount of pressure to squeeze it then slowly regains its shape.

Vibro tube – 7 ½" long plastic tube with metallic look and orange caps on the end. Pick up the tube, hold it vertically, and it vibrates. Twist it horizontally and it stops. Put it down and it stops automatically. Made of wipe clean plastic.

Includes: Vibro tube
2 - AA batteries

Massage pillow with cord – Blue corduroy material cover over foam pillow.

Includes: Massage pillow with cord
Adaptor switch
2 - D batteries

Tangle – Orange tubular shaped toy forms one long loop. May be twisted into any number of shapes.

Mini fan – 6" adjustable swirlwind mini fan. Blue/gray and white in color.

Includes: Mini fan
2 - D Batteries

Mini massager – 3 ½" x 2 ½" mini massager is black with a black vinyl sleeve. Compact and portable. It has locking on/off switch which produces soothing turbo power.

Includes: Mini massager
Vinyl sleeve
2 - AA batteries

Tactile box #2

Kik a Flik – 39" long board with rounded ends. The board is red, yellow and blue. A groove runs down the middle and a piece of wood is connected on the bottom side offering a ramp effect. Place the ball in the hole at the end of the board and stamp on the other end, the ball is propelled gently into the air for you to catch. Once this is mastered, you can let the ball roll down the groove and when it reaches the end stamp and catch.


larger red ball
medium yellow ball
smaller blue ball

Vibrating snake – 23 ½" long dark pink tube with black cap on either end. May be wound around.


2 – C batteries

Massage pillow - Pink corduroy material cover over foam pillow.


Massage pillow
2 – D batteries

Fluorescent Bean Bags – Four transparent bags filled with fluorescent granules.


Two 5" x 6" bags (one orange, one yellow)
Two 4" x 5" bags (one white, one yellow)

Fan tube - 7 ½" long plastic tube. It has a metallic look with an orange cap on one end and a yellow cap on the other end. Pick up the tube, hold it vertically, and the fan is turned on. Turn it horizontally and it stops. Made of wipe clean plastic.


Fan tube
4 – AA batteries

Tactile box #3

Massaging mat – There are five separate motors. The control box allows you to select either one motor or all motors. In the latter case each motor operates in turn to produce deep penetrating wave-like pulsations throughout the mat’s entire length. The intensity of the vibrations may be controlled. Best laid on a mattress or on a softplay padded floor. Operates at low voltage via an adaptor which is included. Folds away for easy storage.


Massaging mat
Mat cover
Low voltage adaptor


Contact Person
Requesting toys:
Role of requester:
Send available units UPS to contact person.
    Other Person:
I, as a requester, will UPS them back or make other arrangements with you.
    Include inventory list


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