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Play Units of Toys Inventory

Toy Library
Materials Inventory List

For those residents of Iowa- no out of state lending

Please choose 3 units you would like to view and rank them #1, #2, and #3. According to availability, 2 of the 3 units will be delivered. After making your selections, please go to the bottom of the page to submit the form.

Individual Play
Piggy bank
Pin wheel
Purple water bottle
Set of tools - small (26 pieces)
Set of tools - big (7 pieces)
Swoosh (pom pom like thing)
Wind up toys:
  • Walking tennis shoes
  • Flower in pot
  • Yellow ladybug
  • Green frog
  • Cowboy and horse
  • Monkey

5 small balls
Hammer, balls & plastic container w/lid
Hot pink rubber ball
4 pair of sunglasses
"Barrel of Monkeys" (15 monkeys)
Plastic slug
Blue clicker frog
Green beads
Small blue circular container
Five paper tubes (3 big/2 small)
Mr. Potato Head
Radio Flyer Wagon

Wooden puzzle - Sesame Street
Pastel "Kiddie Kitchen":
  • Silverware (4 sets)
  • Cups and saucers (6 sets)
  • Teapot with lid
  • Misc. Dish Sets
    - Set 1 (10 pieces)
    - Set 2 (10 pieces)

Plastic Food - "Breakfast" (9 pieces)
Plastic Food - "Main Dishes" (15 pieces)
Plastic/Cardboard Food - "Misc." (37 pieces)
Fruit magnets (16 pieces)
Baking and pastry set (12 pieces)
"Apple" book
Cookie Monster Kitchen - colorform
Drawing Shapes ring set
Counting Vegetables folder game
Counting More Vegetables folder game

Doll Play
2 hand towels and 2 washcloths
2 baby bottles
Doll House Toys:
  • Baby and sitter set (6 pieces)
  • Misc. Doll House pieces (6 pieces)
  • Brother and Sister Set (5 pieces)

Baby Doll - clothes/accessories (11 pieces)

Water Toys
White sand sifter
12 ball erasers
Plastic fish, crab, etc. (16 pieces)
8 suction octopuses
Plastic float toys (7 pieces)
Yellow boat
Blue pail
Stackable cups (5 pieces)
Gorilla water pistol
Alligator water pistol
Green frog that squirts water
Pelican that squirts water
Watering can
Mustard and ketchup containers
3 stackable sailboat with sails (6 pieces)
3 little people with lifesavers (6 pieces)

Dressing (Could be Same Items also)
Jellybean gloves
Red cap
Slippers - 1 pair
Plaid tennis shoes - 1 pair
Black boots - 1 pair
Brown boots - 1 pair
Socks - 6 pairs

"Good Night Baby" book
"No Nap Today" book (Bedtime routine)

Laundry set (washer/dryer, baskets and towels)

Play Group/Play Friends/Play Dyad
"Ants in the Pants"
Pogs (28 pieces)
Football (gray/black)
Orange baseball
Yellow baseball
Blue plastic ball
Nerf ball (orange/black)
Red sponge ball
Nerf soccerball (yellow)

Wooden puzzle ("Let’s Build")
McDonald’s Drive Thru set
11 metal vehicles (in gray holder)
5 mini-metal vehicles
Plastic dumptruck
Man on four wheeler
2 metal jets
2 wooden blocks
Little Tike dumptruck
Categorization folder game

Tractor cap
"Going to Sleep on the Farm" book
Silo with tiny animals (31 pieces)
Dog stamps (4)
"Farm Animals" book
Metal tractor with trailer
Animal markers (6)
Wild animals (24 pieces)
Green plastic frog
"Animal Families Memory Game"
Big Farm dollhouse
Finger puppets (frog, cow, pig, lamb)
Little Favorite Pets Stickers - book (2)
Little Animal Stickers - book (2)
Help the Farmer folder game
   games 1-6
Picture to Picture and Word to Picture
   (side by side) – game 1
Picture to Picture and Word to Picture
   (side by side) – game 2
Picture to Picture (left to right) non-velcro
Picture to Picture and Sentence to Picture
   (plurals) – 6 pictures
Two pair (mama and baby)
Category sorting

Set of plastic numbers (25 pieces)
3 shopping memo spirals
Blue basket with handle

Block Play
Wooden blocks (24 pieces)
Duplo blocks with container (12 pieces)
Duplo blocks in bag (9 pieces)

The following items are not to be consumed, please photocopy or trace any items you would like to use once you have received them.
Books: Multiple Category Crossover
  • "Create Your Own Zoo" - sticker book
  • "Winnie the Pooh" - sticker book
  • "Create Your Own House" - sticker book
  • "My First Work Book" - coloring book
  • "When I Grow Up" - coloring book
  • "Toy Chest" - Color the Leader
  • "Dream Dollhouse" - Color the Leader
  • "Family Time"
  • "The Toy Book"
  • "Thinking Skills"
  • "Word Puzzles"

Visual Discrimination

Same: Multiple Category Crossover
  • 4 glasses
  • 6 toothbrush holders (5 same and 1 different)
  • 5 plates (red)
  • 7 metal bowls
  • Package of flex straws
  • 10 multicolor sponges
  • Visual discrimination folder game
    games: Keys,Road Signs, Shoes, Shadow, Clothesline
  • Playing Outside folder games
    games 1-3
  • Match the shoes folder game
  • Basketball Game folder game
  • Houses, mailboxes, doghouses match folder game
  • Summer Fun folder game
    games 1-4
  • Spell words folder

Print: Multiple Category Crossover
  • "Beginning Sight Word" flashcards
  • "Alphabet" flashcards
  • "Numbers 1-100" flashcards
  • "Go Fish" flashcards
  • "Getting Ready for School" flashcards
  • Coupon holder (shopping)
  • Pepsi playing cards
  • Plastic letters (26 pieces)
  • Foam mini puzzle set
  • Magnetic alphabet/numbers learning board


Contact Person
Requesting books:
Role of requester:
Send available units UPS to contact person.
    Other Person:
I, as a requester, will UPS them back or make other arrangements with you.
    Include inventory list



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