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Interactive Literature books

For Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Regional Autism Services Program, a cooperative effort of Iowa Department of Education, and Child Health Specialty Clinic at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, announces a new category of resources in their lending library. These resources are on loan (for the cost of one way UPS charges) to support educational intervention for those with autism and related disorders. This new resource category is Picture Print Stories.

BookPicture Print Stories are designed from books are   appropriate for ages 4-8 years.  They take the concepts from the story book (also enclosed) and align word cards for each word with a picture that describes each word or phrase of words. The entire story is duplicated in pictures and larger print word cards, allowing the partner to interact with the learner by pointing, removing pictures for words, having the student place the picture above word or phrase of words, choose from two pictures the appropriate picture or word or answer comprehension questions with the pictured answers to choose from. There are many pictures included with each story book, all secured to a black matting sheet that served to accept the velcro cards. These require supervision with children this the pages take delicate turning due to many pictures and words attached to it with velcro.  These picture print stories are not available commercially, but many professionals have chosen to duplicate this style of picture-print books.

The Reading Strategies inservice tape from 2005 discusses this support of visuals, why this is important, and shares what research tells us about learners with autism spectrum disorders processing pictures and print faster and with more comprehension than just language alone. Contact Sue for more information about this lending library tape at 319-356-4619.


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